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Thomas Mac Kellar 

11 - . 


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(fay 1*7 Wfr 

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Thomas MacKellar, 

PH. D. 

~f* *f* 4* 




Copyrighted by Thomas MacKellar. 






- 3 igR and mighty Qod and Saviour ! 
0n the eartft tfiy wiff 6e done : 
affoWed 6e tfiy name forever, 
ofy J-affier, J£o[y Son, 
itofy Spirit 1 
Mord (feRovak J 
^fory 6e to ^fyftee alone. 

Third Edition. 

n^HE new Hymns in this edition are 
Nos. XXVIII, XL. and LXXXVII. to 
CII, and the additional Psalms are the 
ioth } 86th, g2d y gjd, and iooth. Some 
alterations have been made in the earlier- 
written pieces. 

T. McK. 

Germantown, Pa. 

January, /Sqj. 

First Edition. 

(^OME of the Hymns in this volume 

were written before a busy life had 

passed its noontide; others, when the 

rays of the westering sun were falling 


Every piece that may be deemed worthy 
is freely at the service of the church. 

April, 1883. 

First Lines. 


After the darkness of the night 40 

Again I take with hopeful heart 52 

A gladsome heart is mine this day 207 

Alone with God to-day 34 

A prisoner of the Lord 102 

A refuge and a fortress 239 

Art thou in thy spirit lowly 78 

As children dwelling in their home 112 

At Jesus' feet I take my place 124 

At the door of mercy sighing 60 

Bear the burden of the present 88 

Before the silver cord be loosed 178 

Be not anxious for the morrow 30 

Be not disquieted, my soul ! 22 

Be still, my soul ! be still 188 

Blessed be thy name forever 58 

Book of grace and book of glory ! 156 

Bow down thine ear to me, O Lord ! . . . . 244 

Builder of thy holy church 194 

Build up, O Lord, a rampart-wall 171 

Cast thy burden on the Lord 132 

Christ is risen ! O the wonder ! 139 

Cold the bed and hard the pillow 183 

Day is breaking in the sky 16 

Day is waning into shadow 180 

Day of wrath ! the day that endeth 198 




Do the blest in Paradise 218 

Draw nigh to the Holy 66 

Drifting on a lawless ocean 209 

Elijah stood upon the mount 92 

Evermore Jehovah reigneth ! 250 

Far away the Saviour saw me 46 

Father! all is of thy giving 185 

Father ! in my life's young morning 150 

Give ear unto my words, O Lord ! 229 

Give me a foothold on the rock 126 

Give me to know thy will, O God 44 

Glory be to God on high ! 138 

Glory to God in the highest! 13 

God has said it, — and his promise 82 

Ho, all ye lands ! right joyfully 253 

How prone my hasty feet to stray 216 

I did not ask the reason why 205 

I give myself to God 120 

I. have no hiding-place 38 

I know not when the Lord will call 160 

I lift my longing eyes 254 

I long for God, the living God 58 

In tearless anguish once I lay 74 

In the hidden ways of life 114 

In the midnight and the storm 116 

In the vineyard of our Father 146 

In vain the ways of Providence 54 

I thank the Lord my Maker 152 

It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord 24" 



I will extol thee every day 256 

I would I were content to be 20 

Jehovah reigns! Let earth rejoice 251 

Jesus ! when my soul is parting 62 

Let all the people sing a psalm 96 

Lord of night as of the day ! 204 

Lord, take and lead me as a child 50 

My righteous God ! O hear my call 227 

My song of songs shall be 220 

My soul cries out to God 48 

My soul is resting in God's peace 64 

My soul ! why sit forsaken 166 

Nearer to thy heart of love 164 

No tears for those whose feet have pass'd . . 202 

No tongue of man has ever told 108 

O Father, for thy love ! 174 

O gracious Father ! send us showers 72 

O land of day, eternal day 136 

O Lord, our Lord ! in all the earth 231 

O the agonizing prayer 130 

O the blessedness of leaning 24 

O the darkness, O the sorrow 176 

Only in silence wait on God 242 

Over the earth a stillness comes 94 

Rest and peace for Jesus' sake ! 12S 

Sitting in the twilight musing 190 

Some day the word will come to me .... 104 

Sometimes, in quiet revery 134 

Strength of our fathers in the day 192 



The billows round me rise and roll 70 

The blessing of the Sabbath-day 106 

The bright, the Morning-Star! 196 

The darkness of the night came down .... 80 

The day is wearing fast away 76 

The day of wrath, that certain day 142 

The dusty paths of earth defile 118 

The heavens declare the glory 236 

The morning of the centuries 42 

The morning stars were singing 148 

The pathway to the mercy-seat 122 

The sea before, the foe behind 162 

There is a land immortal 84 

There is light on my path 158 

Though darkness turn the skies to night. . . 26 

'Tis but a looking unto Christ 168 

'Tis the Master standing yonder 222 

'Tis well that thou, my God, shouldst be . . 86 

Unseen by them, a glorious host 90 

Upon the pillow of thy love 18 

Was Jesus tempted like as we 36 

Watchers call'd to work for Jesus 32 

What though the way be storm-begirt .... 28 

When he waketh, when he sleepeth 100 

Where could I go but unto thee no 

While some may run an easy pace 56 

Who bids the wind to blow? 154 

Who is he, my soul! that standeth 213 

Who shall reign if not the Christ? 212 

Who the love of God can measure ? 225 

Why standest thou far off, O Lord? 233 

With a cruse of alabaster 68 



3 multitude of tijt ^abmlg fjost praising 4loo\ ana gaging, (Slorn to 
®oo in tijc ijt^fijest. — Luke ii. 13, 14. 


/^L,ORY to God in the highest! 
The day of all days 
Awakens our praise, — 
The thrice -blessed morn 
When Jesus was born, — 
The name that the church glorifieth 
Glory to God! 
Glory to God! 
Glory to God in the highest! 


Glory to God in the highest ! 
Let heaven resound 
To its uttermost bound 
With anthems of praise 
Both now and always, 

14 HYMNS. 

While seraph to seraph replieth, 

Glory to God! 

Glory to God! 
Glory to God in the highest! 


Glory to God in the highest! 
Let earth, with its hills, 
Its valleys and rills, 
Re-echo his praise 
Both now and always, 
While mountain to mountain-top crieth, 
Glory to God ! 
Glory to God! 
Glory to God in the highest ! 


Glory to God in the highest ! 
His goodwill and peace 
To men will not cease: 
The church lifts her voice 
While angels rejoice, 
And her song with the seraphim's vieth 
Glory to God! 
Glory to God ! 
Glory to God in the highest! 

HYMNS. 15 


Glory to God in the highest! 
The bountiful Lord, — 
The Father, the Word, 
The Spirit, — whose praise 
Both now and always 
On the wings of infinity flieth : 
Glory to God! 
Glory to God! 

Glory to God in the highest ! 


1 6 HYMNS. 

II 7's. 

£ lain me Tiofon anfc slept; £ afoaketi; for tf)e ILorfc sustained me. 

Ps. iii. 5. 


H\AY is breaking in the sky; 
^ Restful night has pass'd away: 
Now I lift my early cry, 

Lead thy servant, Lord, to-day. 


Jesus, Master! forth I go, 

Taking up my 'custom'd task: 
Teach me what I need to know, — 

Give me what I ought to ask. 


I see not the way before, 

But I go at thy command, 

Entering gladly duty's door, 

Led by thy directing hand. 

HYMNS. 17 


Take away my sin and guilt, 

Make me whiter than the snow: 

Be my will just what Thou wilt, 
Asking not, Why is it so? 


May my soul, impell'd by love, 
Do whate'er thy Spirit saith, 

That my life this day may prove, 

Through thy grace, the power of faith. 


Glory to Thee evermore! 

Glory in the uttermost ! 
Heaven and earth thy name adore, 

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 


1 8 HYMNS. 

Ill CM. 

£ca, tijou sfjalt lie tJoton, anti tf)g slrrp sfjall be sforct.— Prov. iii. 24. 


T T PON the pillow of Thy love 
My weary head I lay, 

Assured that watchers from above 
Will round about me stay. 


The weaned child, subdued and still, 
Sleeps on its mother's breast; 

So I, submissive to thy will, 

Lean on thy strength for rest. 


The sighs, and tears, and agony 

That marr'd the hours of day, 

Subside as tempests on the sea 
In silence die away. 

HYMNS. 19 


The restful peace of answer'd prayer 
Is in my chasten'd heart: 

My fears, my sorrows, and my care 
At thy command depart. 


O Lord, my God, my strength, my hope, 

In thee I find repose: 
Vouchsafe my grateful eyes shall ope 

As softly as they close. 



p "< 

ct O. ■ ^\<^ j 

' '. k 

& t! 



2o HYMNS. 


Tfir Irian of man is not in ijimsclf: it is not in man tfjat toalkctt 
to tiirrrt tjis steps. — Jer. x. 23. 


T WOULD I were content to be 
Just as my Lord shall will, 

So I with cheerful constancy 
His purpose may fulfil. 


O may I be content to lay 

My hourly griefs and cares 

Upon His arm that every day 
His children's burden bears: 


Nor proudly strive to carry part 
And leave to Him the rest, 

As if but half my weary heart 
Need lean on Jesus' breast. 

HYMNS. 21 


Though I should ask the Lord to show 
Some greater things to do, 

May I be ever quick to go 
On humble errands too: 


To run in haste, or waiting stand, 

Content to go or stay, 
While watching for his guiding hand 

To point the fitting way. 


Whatever work the day shall bring, 

May I set Thee before, 
And give to Thee, O Christ, my King, 

The glory evermore. 


22 HYMNS. 

V C. M. 

£t sf)all romr to pass, tijat at rbrning time it sijall tt ligi)t. 

Zech. xiv. 7. 


13E not disquieted, my soul! 

The Lord of grace and power 
In loving-kindness doth control 

Thy goings every hour. 


When sorrows fall, he wraps the heart 

The closer in his love: 
If here he takes away a part, 

He'll give thee all above. 


Why tremble when thy God shall lay 
A shadow on thy path? 

Not e'en the dark, distressful day 
Portends a night of wrath. 




The heavy clouds that, dark and dun, 
Thine upward pathway hide, 

Shall blaze with glory when the sun 
Goes down at eventide. 


The Morning-Star betimes will rise, 
And thou thy tent shalt fold, 

And step with rapturous surprise 
Within the gates of gold. 


. I - 

24 HYMNS. 

VI 8, 7, 4 . 

Cast tfjg burtint upon tijc ILorti, ano fje sijall sustain tfjrc. — 22. 


/^\ THE blessedness of leaning 

^^^ On a strength beyond thine own 

O the fulness of the meaning ! 

O the sweetness of the tone ! 
Cast thy burden 

On thy loving Lord alone. 


Often weary, yet contending, — 

Beaten down, again to rise, — 

On his help alone depending, 

Looking up with trustful eyes, — 

Cast thy burden 
On the arm that built the skies. 


Take his easy yoke upon thee, 

Lowlv be like him in heart: 


Child, it was his love that won thee, 
Will he bid thee now depart 

With thy burden, 
When thy soul is full of smart? 


Long ago the word was written, 

Word to generations blest, — 
Hear it, children sorely smitten, 

Hear it, ye of troubled breast, — 

Cast thy burden 
On the Lord, who giveth rest. 




B6f)m mn spirit tons obcrfofjrlmcti rjoitfjin me, trjcn trjou knetocst mp 

pat!).— Ps. cxlii. 3. 


T^HOUGH darkness turn the skies to night, 

Though sorrows fill the air, 
Nor moon nor stars my pathway light, 

Yet thou art with me there. 


I cannot see thee, but I know 
A stronger arm than mine 

Upholds me in the time of woe, — 
Jesus! that arm is thine. 


Though words may fail when I would pray, 

And mute I lift my hands, 
Thou hearest what I cannot say, 

And Gabriel near me stands. 

HYMNS. 27 


A just God and a Saviour, thou 
Art full of love and grace : 

Before thy majesty I bow 

With glad and trustful face. 


Thy sovereign grace gives sweet relief, 
Dispelling faithless gloom, 

And the dark chamber of my grief 
Becomes a sunny room. 


28 HYMNS. 


I toill be tottf) tt)ff : E frill not fail trjrr, nor forsake trjee. 

Josh. i. 5. 


"\ 1 7HAT though the way be storm-begirt, 

If Jesus lead thee on ! 

Thou shalt not suffer loss or hurt, 

Nor walk the path alone. 


Must thou do battle on the way? 

The arm of God is thine : 
Does he unprop thine earthly stay? 

Upon that arm recline. 


Has he not pledged his word to save? 

Will he himself deny? 
Will he not hold thee fast who gave 

His Son for thee to die? 

HYMNS. 2 g 


The Father chasteneth whom he will, 
And some he wills to spare ; 

But not the less he loveth still 
The souls that meekly bear. 


O Lord, my timorous heart control; 

Forgive my doubt and sin : 
Open the windows of my soul 

And let thy sunlight in. 


3o HYMNS. 

IX 8, 7. 

3Sff)oIti tfje birtis of tfje rjfabrn, tfjat tijrg sofo not, ncitfjcr 00 ttjrg 
reap, nor gather into oarns ; ano jiour ijeabcnlg jFatijrr fcctictf) 
ttjrm. 13c not therefore anitous for tfj£ morrobo : for tfje 
morrobo rotll be anxious for itself. — Matt. vi. 26, 34. 


13 E not anxious for the morrow, 
Let the morrow have its cares: 

Soul, be not forecasting sorrow ; 

Grace is given to him who bears 

Crosses that he does not borrow : 
God controls the unawares. 


Neither sowing, neither reaping, 
Gathering not to store away, 

Birds are in the Father's keeping, — 
Cares he not when children pray? 

Why then, faithless, sighing, weeping, 
Doubt him for the coining day? 




Lilies, toiling not nor spinning, 

Gleam in robes beyond compare : 

Never king from time's beginning 

Had such glorious dress to wear : 

Souls that cost his life in winning 

Christ will keep with loving care. 



2,2 HYMNS. 

X 8, 7, 4. 

Ulrssrti arc ttjosr srrfaants rurjom trjc ILoro rjorjrn fjc ronutfj srjall fino 

teatrrjtnp;.— Luke xii. 37. 

&3atcvj rjr, stano fast in trjc faittj, quit nou like men, be strong. 

1 Cor. xvi. 13. 


A ^ATCHERS call'd to work for Jesus, 

To the glory of his name, 
In the field where'er he pleases 
Our glad services to claim, — 

Ever ready ! 
This our watchword and our aim. 


Watching for the revelation 

Of his glory and his grace, 

When the power of his salvation 

Shall subdue earth's rebel race, — 

Always watching, 
Always standing in our place. 




Watching for the coming morning, 
Resting in the Saviour's might, 

Even now we see its dawning, 

See the shafts of heavenly light 

Pierce the darkness 
That enwrapt the world in night. 


Watching while our hands are doing ; 

Loitering not on conquer'd ground ; 
Looking forward, still pursuing, 

While the golden trumpets sound ; 
King eternal ! 

True to thee may we be found. 


Watching, hoping, toiling, praying, 

Till the victory is won, 
May we then hear Jesus saying, 

"Toilers, rest! your work is done!' 
As we enter 
Homes of rest beyond the sun. 

34 HYMNS. 

XI S. M. 

£ome, inn people, enter tf)ou into ttjg eijambcrs, an"D stjut tt)B ooois 

about i\)iz. — Isa. xxvi. 20. 


ALONE with God to-day, 
^^ My soul subdued and still, 
My thoughts ascend the upward way 
To Moses' lonely hill. 


From Nebo's utmost height 
Mine eyes look longingly 
To the far distant land of light 
Beyond the glassy sea. 


I seem no stranger there, 
No traveller unknown: 
For in that heavenly land so fair, 
My Lord is on the throne. 

HYMNS. 35 


Among the company 

Who serve Him day and night, 
Dear ones who walk'd on earth with me 
Walk now in robes of white. 


Their work and waiting done, 
He call'd them of His grace; 
Their higher service is begun 
Before the Saviour's face. 


I cannot know while here 
The joys of that sweet place 
Where bliss pervades the atmosphere 
As ether filleth space. 


So I in gladness wait 
Before the Lord to-day, 
While catching glimpses through the gate 
Of glory far away. 


36 HYMNS. 


& fjigfj priest. . . trjat fjatb brrn in all points trmplctJ like as foe are, 
get toitfjout sin.— Heb. vi. 15. 


A \ 7AS Jesus tempted like as we, 
V V The Holy One of God ? 
Were paths of pain and poverty 
By him, our Master, trod? 


In all his earth was there no place 

To lay his head upon, 
A King of more than royal race, 

Yea, God's eternal Son ? 


Did he, to save the world from sin, 
Go toiling all the day ? 

On Olivet, man's soul to win, 
Did he at midnight pray ? 

HYMNS. 37 


And did he in his sorest strait 

Receive the bitter cup, 
When on the hill beyond the gate 

His life he offer' d up? 


While thus the sinless Saviour fared, 

Can I, dare I repine, 
When sorrow, want, and death he shared 

To make salvation mine? 


O child redeem' d by his own blood, 
Why yield to anxious care ? 

Thou canst not sink beneath the flood 
When Christ is walking there. 



Think not thv Saviour does not see 

When Satan casts a dart : 
No arrow ever wounded thee 

That did not pierce his heart. 


The great High Priest is touch' d by all 

Thy weaknesses and woes ; 
And he, when grievous sorrows fall, 

Sufficient grace bestows. 

38 HYMNS. 




© Horfo, mg strcnrjtfj, anto mg fortress, anti mg rrfuge in trjf tag of 

affliction.— Jer. xvi. 19. 


T HAVE no hiding-place, 
No refuge from the blast, 
But in the arms of Jesus' grace 
Around about me cast. 


Though I see not His hand, 
I feel its loving power : 
And guardian angels near me stand 
In my distressful hour. 


I dare not look within, 

But heavenward turn my gaze ; 
And lest my grief become my sin, 
My tongue breaks out in praise. 

HYMNS. 39 


Though tears mine eyes bedim, 
He dries the tears I shed ; 
And in my soul I sing a hymn, 
Content and comforted. 

18a . 

4 o HYMNS. 

XIV 8, 7, p. 

#?fm tfiat turnrtf) tfjr srjaooto of oratl) into tt)c morning. 

Amos v. 8. 

AFTER the darkness of the night 
Light cometh in the morning ; 
After the winter and its blight 

Spring wakes in new adorning. 


After the sowing of the seed 

The harvest greets the reaper ; 

After the day of loving deed 
Soft rest enfolds the sleeper. 


After the tempest's course is run 
A calm pervades the waters ; 

After the work of life is done 

God calls his sons and daughters. 




After the closing of the eye 

They wake with Christ in heaven ; 
After the final victory 

The crown of life is given. 


42 HYMNS. 


%>o miflfjtilg grffo tijc fooro" of tljr ILortJ anti prcbailco". — Acts xix. 20. 


'THE morning of the centuries 
"*• Beheld a light arise, 
That in their heavenly ministries 
Ne'er fell on angels' eyes. 


Through all the ancient days it seem'd 

A planet new-begun ; 
It grew in fulness till it beam'd 

A sun beyond the sun. 


When earth with clouds of sin was dark, 

It made an open way ; 
E'en where it glimmer'd as a spark, 

Some souls received the ray; 

HYMNS. 43 


And they became the sons of God 

Amid a scoffing race ; 
While bloody was the way they trod, 

His peace lit up their face. 


They seal'd their constancy with blood; 

And where the martyrs died 
A multitude arose and stood, 

And God was glorified. 


That sun has never ceased to shine 

Upon the King's domain, 
Pouring from heaven a light divine 

To make its pathway plain. 


Till centuries shall be no more, 
Its light shall not grow dim ; 

And Christ's redeem'd on heaven's shore 
Shall sing redemption's hymn. 


44 HYMNS. 


(Prorr mo steps in tfjg foorti; ano let not ann iniquity ijabc nonunion 

ofarr mc. — Ps. cxix. 133. 


/^IVE me to know thy will, O God, 
^-^ And may I see to-day 
A light from heaven upon my road 
To clearly point the way : 


That I may know just what to do, 
And what to leave undone, 

And be unto thy service true 
From dawn to setting sun : 


That I may speak the timely word, 
And timely silence keep, — 

By passion's hasty words unstirr'd 
That cause the soul to weep: 

HYMNS. 45 


That I may hold my thoughts in check, 

And every wild desire 
That rises quick at pleasure's beck 

And flames into a fire : 


That I may kiss the needed rod, 
And patient bear the blow ; 

And say, 'Tis from the love of God; 
My Father wills it so. 


Lord Jesus! from thy holy place 
The Spirit on me breathe : 

Open the mantle of thy grace 
And keep my soul beneath. 

r->- >. 

■ j ■ 

46 HYMNS. 

XVII 8, 7, 4. 

i3ut tolpilf \)t foas get afar off, fjis father safoo f)im, anU fcuas mobcto 
bjtti) compassion. — Luke xv. 20. 


TH^AR away the Saviour saw me, 
Lost and wandering in the wild: 

By his love he sought to draw me, — 
Me unworthy and defiled, — 

As a father 
Calls to him his erring child. 


I saw not the hand that beckon'd, 
I heard not his gracious call, 

Till the joys on which I reckon'd, 
Worldly joys, had perish'd all ; 

Then his mercy 
Led me at his feet to fall. 

HYMNS. 47 


Jesus broke the chains that bound me, 
And his freeman I became : 

Robes of grace he threw around me, 
Covering all my sin and shame : 

O how precious 
Is my great Deliverer's name ! 


Over all and bless'd forever, 
God on his eternal throne, 

Who the bond of love can sever 
That unites to Christ his own? 
Lord Jehovah ! 

Glory be to Thee alone. 


4 8 HYMNS. 


© mn (Soli, mg soul ts cast tioiim foitijtn inc.- Ps. xlii. 6. 


A /TY soul cries out to God, 
^ Like children in the night, 

Who fear some evil is abroad 
Because they see no light. 


There's darkness on the path, 
And pitfalls line the way, 
Till fear of coming trouble hath 
An overpowering sway. 


It may be faith is weak ; 
Perchance the heart is faint, 
And in unutter'd words would speak 
Its longing, hungering plaint. 

HYMNS. 49 


The duties left undone, 
The follies unforgiven, 
Rise up like clouds before the sun 
And vail the face of heaven. 


So, desolate and lone, 
The soul lifts up its cry 
To Christ upon his gracious throne 
Of majesty on high. 


Lord, calm this restless mind, 
From murmuring set me free, 
And strength and comfort let me find 
In earnest work for Thee. 



5o HYMNS. 


£f)erefore for tfjg name's sake leati me, antj guioe me. 

Ps. xxxi. 3. 


TORD, take and lead me as a child 
■^ That knows not how to go, 
Alike when day is calm and mild 
And night's wild tempests blow. 


If grief and pain be mine to bear 
And sorrows bow my head, 

Let not my heart sink in despair 
As though my Lord were dead. 


When I am weary, on the breast 
Of Him who died for me, 

O let my laden spirit rest, 

From care and worry free. 

HYMNS. 51 


When joy shall fill 1113- earth and skies 

With a serenest calm, 
Then may my thoughts to Thee arise 

In one continual psalm. 


When some sad brother turns to me 
In sore and heavy grief, 

May I be quick in sympathy 
And quicker in relief. 


When some poor soul is sick of sin 
And seeks the way to God, 

O make me wise that soul to win 
To take the heavenward road. 


Lord, in the dark and in the light 
Still keep me in thy way, 

A child whose hand is clasped tight 
In thine by night and day. 

52 HYMNS. 

XX C. M. 

^urn tfirrr si)all tlin fiantj Irati mr, antJ ti)n ritjljt ijanti shall l)oIti iur. 

Ps. cxxxix. 10. 


AGAIN I take with hopeful heart 
^ My life's allotted task: 
To do it well the grace impart ; 
This, Lord, I humbly ask. 


The day's perplexing mysteries 
I may not understand : 

Be it enough my Father sees 
And holds them in his hand. 


My duty for the day is plain,— 
To go where God shall call, 

Or, patient, hold the tangled skein 
While he unravels all. 




I may not ask that no rough wind 
Upon my head shall blow, 

Yet I ma)' pray that I shall find 
Strength in the day of wo. 

It may be night, it may be day, 
A path I ne'er have gone, — 

Whate'er shall be thy time or way, 
My Father ! lead me on. 


54 HYMNS. 

XXI C. M. 

Canst tf)ou op. srardjincj fintr out (goto? ranst tf)ou fi'nti out tljc 
Slmiojljtg unto perfection.— Job xi. 7. 


TN vain the ways of Providence 
With anxious gaze we scan : 
To find out God by human sense 
It is not given to man. 


Enough to know he cannot err 
When worlds his plans fulfil ; 

That not a blade of grass can stir 
But at its Maker's will. 


Enough to know that God is just, 
Yet with a father's heart ; 

Enough with loving faith to trust 
When earthly friends depart. 

HYMNS. 55 


Enough to know he gave his Son 
The sin and grief to bear 

When men like sheep astray had gone, 
And none to help was there. 


The Lord is just, the Lord is good: 
His ways we cannot trace : 

Yet he who as our ransom stood 
Is Lord of life and grace. 


^ t 



56 HYMNS. 


(Take trjg part in suffering tjartjsrjtp, as a gooti soltiirr of Crjrist 

Jlcsus. — 2 Tim. ii. 3. 


T \ -THIIvE some may run an easy pace 

With self-reliant boast, 
The Lord e'er gives to those his grace 
Who seek and need it most. 


Beneath a quiet smile may lie 
A sorrow of the soul 

That needs a daily victory 
To hold it in control. 


And they who bear the battle's brunt, 
And temperd weapons wield, 

Shall stand up grandly in the front 
And hold the conquer'd field. 

HYMNS. 57 


God's rank and file, in battle line 
And truth's divine array, 

Shall set their camp at day's decline 
Along the King's highway 


To that good land, by sense unknown, — 
That land whose name is Heaven, — 

Where Christ doth gather all his own, 
And crowns of life are given. 



58 HYMNS. 

XXIII 8, 7, 4. 

(Pur ILortJ Jrsus Cfjrist . . . tfje blesscti ano onto potentate, tfjc liing 

of kings, antj ILortJ of lortjg; torjo onlg rjatrj immortalitg, ororllinfi in 

lifltjt unapproachable, forjom no man ijattj seen, nor ran gee : 

to rorjom oe fjonour ano pomer rternal. &nun. 

1 Tim. vi. 14-16. 


T)IvESSED be thy name forever, 
I/)rd and Christ, eternal King ! 

While we live, our tongues shall never 
Fail thy glorious praise to sing, — 

While before Thee 
Thankful offerings we bring. 


In the fulness of the ages 

Thou as man didst come to earth : 
Welcomed by the wisest sages, 

Israel saw not thy worth, — 
Yet what glory 

Heralded thy wondrous birth ! 

HYMNS. 59 


Scorn'd by cruel men, they slew thee, 
Thou the Maker of them all! 

Though so few were they that knew thee, 
Blest were they whom thou didst call, — 

Like their Master, 
By the hand of man to fall. 


Throned in thy eternal glory, 
Myriads worship at thy feet: 

May we bend with them before thee 

When our work shall be complete, — 
By thy Spirit 

Made for heavenly service meet. 


60 HYMNS. 

tyf* XXIV 8,7. 

Come unto mc, all gc tfjat labour anti arc fjcabg Iaticn, antJ £ toill 
giuc gou rest. — Matt. xi. 28. 


AT the door of mercy sighing 
With the burden of my sin, 
Day and night my soul is crying, 
"Open, Lord, and let me in." 
Waiting mid the darkness dreary, 

Stretching out my hands to Thee, 
In the refuge for the weary 

Is there not a place for me ? 


I have sought to earn thy favour, 

Caring not for toil or cost ; 
Yet I find not him my Saviour, 

Him who came to seek the lost. 
Blessed Master ! in thy pity 

Teach me what I ought to do, 
So that in the holy city 

I may gain an entrance too. 

HYMNS. 6 1 


Hark ! what sounds mine ear receiveth, 

Sweet as songs of seraphim ! 
"He that in the Lord believeth 

Life eternal hath in Him. 
At the outer door why staying ? 

Nothing, soul ! hast thou to pay : 
Christ in love to thee is saying, 

Weary child, come in to-day." 


I knew not of Jesus' kindness ! 
I knew not of Jesus' grace ! 

the blackness of the blindness 

That could not behold his face ! 

1 saw not the door was open, 

Xor my Lord invite me in : 
Grace is mine beyond my hoping, 

Mercy mightier than my sin. 


62 HYMNS. 

XXV 8, 7, 4. 

JTrar not; £ am i\)t first antJ t\)t last. . . . £ am tf)e <2lpfja ant: trjf 

iPmega, trje beginning antJ ttje cno. £ toill gibe unto rjim tfjat is 

atijirst of tijf fountain of ttjc ujatcr of life frcclg.. 

Rev. i. 17. xxi. 6. 


JESUS ! when my soul is parting 
From this body frail and weak, 
And the deathly dew is starting 

Down this pale and wasted cheek,- 

Thine, my Saviour, 
Be the name I last shall speak. 


Jesus ! when my memory wanders 
Far from loved ones at my side, 

And in fitful dreaming ponders 

Who are they that near me glide,— 

Last, my Saviour, 
Let my thoughts on thee abide. 

HYMNS. 63 


When the morn in all its glory 

Charms no more mine ear nor eye, 

And the shadows closing o'er me 
Warn me of the time to die, — 

Last, my Saviour, 
Let me see thee standing by. 


When my feet shall pass the river, 
And upon the farther shore 

I shall walk, redeem'd for ever, 
Ne'er to sin — to die no more, — 
First, Lord Jesus ! 

Let me see thee, and adore. 



■ . • 

64 HYMNS. 


2Tf)f peace of ®oti, fofji'rt) passctf) all unocrstanotnij.— Phil. iv. 7 


TV /T Y soul is resting in God's peace, 

Without a care or fear: 
The tumults of my bosom cease, 
For Christ my Lord is here. 


The Spirit poureth from on high 

A sanctifying tide ; 
And, bathing in its stream of joy, 

My soul is satisfied. 


He driveth curious doubts away, 
He giveth childlike faith ; 

And so I take the yea or nay 
Just as my Saviour saith. 

HYMNS. 6* 


I have not other wish to be 

Than what my Lord ordains ; 

So what He knoweth best for me, 
That be my richest gains. 


A spirit meek and quieted 
Is better than a crown ; 

How rich the blessing on the head 
That Jesus sendeth down ! 


Here in his banquet-house I bide, 
His banner o'er me love, 

And wait the coming eventide 
Of perfect peace above. 


66 HYMNS. 

XXVII 6, 5. 

Qrato nigi) to (Goto, ano \)c foill orafo nicjf) to gou.— James iv. 8. 


"pvRAW nigh to the Holy, 

Bend low at His throne ; 
There, penitent, lowly, 

Thy sinfulness own : 
There, there, if thou yearnest 

For pardon and rest, 
There, fervent and earnest, 

Prefer thy request. 


Confess thy backsliding, 

Thy weakness and fears ; 
In Jesus confiding, 

There pour out thy tears. 
Think not He will scorn thee, 

Though wretched thy case; 
His hands will adorn thee 

With garments of grace. 

HYMNS. 67 


More precious than treasure, 

More vast than the sea, 
His love has no measure 

Nor limit to thee. 
His easy yoke wearing, 

His pleasure abide ; 
In all thy cross-bearing, 

He'll walk bv thy side. 


Fear not the wild clangour 

That Satan may raise, 
So God's righteous anger 

But pass from thy ways. 
Whom Christ has forgiven 

Goes safely along, 
Till in the high heaven 

He sings the new song. 


Then kneel to the Holy, 

Bend low at His throne ; 

There, penitent lowly, 
Thy sinfulness own : 

There, soul ! if thou yearnest 
For pardon and rest, 

There, fervent and earnest, 

Prefer thy request. 

68 HYMNS. 

XXVIII 8, 7. 

£rje broupjrjt an alabaster rruse of ointment. — Luke vii. 37. 


^\ \ 7TTH a cruse of alabaster, 

Full of spikenard rich and sweet, 
Stands she weeping near the Master, 
While her tears bedew his feet. 


Her soft hair, a silken towel, 

Wipes away the vagrant tears, — 

Tears her eager heart's avowal 
Of a love that hath no fears. 


" Knows he not she is a sinner?" 
Inly speaks the Pharisee 
Who had bidden Christ to dinner 
When he dwelt in Bethany. 


Lost on her the sneer that hisses 
Serpent-like within its den : 

She with spikenard, tears, and kisses, 
Laves the weary feet again. 

HYMNS. 69 


She a sinner, he the Saviour ! 

Meet it is that she should come : 
Who hath greater need of favour 

Than a soul that has no home? 


Known to Christ her whole condition, 
At its best and at its worst, — 

She who bends in meek contrition, 
She who is of man accurst. 


O the mercy of the Master ! 

O the pity of our Lord ! 
E'en the cruse of alabaster 

Is with grace and pardon stored ! 


As the glorious bow in heaven 

Cheers the earth when tempests cease 

So his words: "Thou art forgiven! 

Faith hath saved thee: go in peace!' 


7o HYMNS. 


OTrjat time E am afrattr, £ iuill trust in trjee— Ps. lvi. 3. 


'T^HE billows round me rise and roll, 

The storms of worldly care 
Beat heavily upon my soul, 

And shroud me in despair : 
Forsaken, comfortless, betray'd, 

\Yith none to succour me, — 
Father ! what time I am afraid, 

Then will I trust in Thee ! 


As feeble as the bruised reed, 

Infirm to will or do ; 
Oft working out the ungrateful deed 

' Twere better to eschew ; 
How were the sinking soul dismay 'd 

But for this refuge-plea, — 
Father, what time I am afraid. 

Then will I trust in Thee ! 

HYMNS. 71 


When hope is faint, and faith is weak, 

And fears the bosom fill, 
And I a strong assurance seek * 

That thou art gracious still ; 
I rest upon thy promise -word, 

To thine own truth I flee : 
Father, what time I am afraid, 

Then will I trust in Thee ! 


When saintly paleness marks my face, 
And dimness fills mine eye, 

And, hoping only in thy grace, 
I bow my head to die ; 

If, entering in the vale of shade. 
Nor sun nor star I see, 

Father, what time I am afraid, 

Then will I trust in Thee ! 


72 HYMNS. 


!fc?r pragrti again ; artti tfjc fjrafcrn cjabc rain, anti trjr rartij brought 
forrrj fjcr fruit.— James v. 18. 


r\ GRACIOUS Father! send us showers, 

The gentle showers of rain, 
To cheer the corn, the grass, the flowers, 

On mountain-side and plain. 


Command the pregnant clouds . to rise 

And vail the fiery sun, 
While from the fountains of the skies 

The streams of blessing run. 


O gracious Father ! send us showers ; 

The cattle mutely stand 
Amid the scorch'd and wither'd bowers; 

Have mercy on our land ! 

HYMNS. 73 


The spider's web is on the mead, 
The worm consumes the leaf; 

And all thy works before Thee plead 
The silent plea of grief. 


O gracious Father ! send us showers ; 

Regard our earnest cries ; 
But meek submission still be ours 

While our petitions rise. 


To Thee each living thing looks up ; 

Thou mad'st — thou'lt not destroy : 
The overflow of mercy's cup 

Shall wake creation's joy. 


5-fj > '< ---=- 

74 HYMNS. 

XXXI L,. M. 

JFor so \)z gtoftf) \)is udouco sUrp. — Ps. cxxvii. 2. 


TN tearless anguish once I lay, 
And every tender string of life 

Was rudely smitten by disease, 

And nature quiver'd in the strife. 


To God I look'd for help the while 

The lingering moments seem'd to creep, 
These words of grace broke on my mind, 
" He giveth his beloved sleep." 


A gentle peace, like evening winds 

In summer from the ocean's breast, 

Moved o'er my sighing, sinking soul, 

And soothed my murmurings all to rest ; 

HYMXS. 75 


And through that weary night of pain, 

When it were manliness to weep, 
My soul was comforted by this, 
"He giveth his beloved sleep." . 


When prison'd long, my soul would fain 
Leap through her fragile walls and flee, 

But on the unmeasured life beyond 
She, halting, gazes tremblingly; 


Then may I simply trust in Him 

Whose arms his feeblest follower keep, 

And close mine eyes, and say, in death, 

He giveth his beloved sleep!" 



76 I/V.UNS. 


©r rbrr ttje silbrr rortj be loosrtJ, or ifie goltirn bofol be broken. 

Eccl. xii. 6. 


T^HE day is wearing fast away, 
The night is coming on, 

To end the earthly pilgrimage 
Begun at being's dawn. 


The voice of earthly friends no more 
Within my soul can reach ; 

Another world hath round me grown, 
Earth hath another speech. 


Now fain am I to go when He 
Who sent me here shall call : 

I wait his gentle breath to cause 
The ancient tree to fall. 

HYMNS. 77 


I long to lay my burden down, 
And in earth's bosom rest 

As calmly as an infant sleeps 
Upon its mother's breast. 


Welcome, approaching shades of even, 
By idling triflers shunn'd ! 

I see the immortal life of heaven, 
And Christ, my God, beyond ! 


78 HYMNS. 

XXXIII 8, 7, 4. 

i3rtrr boas grtcbefc bcrause \)t sail! unto ijint tfje tfjt'ro time, ILobrst 

tt)ou me? 3no i)c saiti unto i)tm, ILoro, tf)ou knoforst all 

tijincjs; tfjou knotocst tfjat E lobe ttjcc. — John xxi. 17. 


A RT thou in thy spirit lowly, 
^*- Like the Man of Nazareth? 
Art thou seeking to be wholly 

Join'd to him, come life, come death? 

Lov'st thou Jesus 
More than thine own vital breath? 


Is thy bosom full of sorrow? 

Is a cloud upon thy way? 
Why the worldling's burden borrow ? 

Child of grace and promise, say ! 
Lov'st thou Jesus? 

Joy should be thy guest to-day. 

HYMNS. 79 


Hath God made all men to praise thee? 

Or art thou to fame unknown ? 
Only seek that he should raise thee 

Up to an immortal throne. 
IvOv'st thou Jesus? 

He'll provide for all his own. 


Care not thou how low thy station, 
If thy God hath chosen thee 

Heir of glory and salvation 
Now and evermore to be ! 
Lov'st thou Jesus? 

Life is thine eternally. 


/s> •8©rtie«° (TV 

8o I/YMNS. 


Z\)tn \)t arose, anti rrbukrti tfjr fotnos antJ tfjc sra; anti trjrrc 
foas a grfat calm. — Matt. viii. 26. 


HTHE darkness of the night came down 

And on my soul it lay, 
As if my righteous Maker's frown 

Were gathering round my way. 


As lonely as if I alone 

In all the earth were left, — 
As helpless as an infant-one 

Of mother's care bereft, — 


How swift and sure had been my doom 

Had Christ forgotten me ! 
A voice arose amid the gloom, 
u Thy Saviour loveth thee!" 

HYMNS. 8 1 


Immediately there was a calm, 
A calm without, within ; 

For Jesus wrote upon my palm 
Full pardon of my sin. 


The inward tempests rage no more, 

The spirit's sorrows cease, 
When Jesus stands upon the shore, 

And gently whispers, "Peace!" 


82 HYMNS. 

XXXV 8, 7, 4. 

E sijall gtbc ti;rc tf)c flatten for tfjine inheritance, ana tfjc uttermost 
parts of tf)e eartf) for tijs possession. — Ps. ii. 8. 


/^OD has said it, — and his promise 
^^ Stands as firmly as his throne, — 
Earth shall be a sure possession 

Granted to his Son alone ; 
And the heathen 

Jesus' gracious reign shall own. 


Where a soul in guilt is lying, 

There his gospel shall be sent; 

Life and grace for wretches dying, 
Balm for bosoms sad and rent : 

News of mercy, 
All shall hear the call, Repent! 

HYMNS. 83 


Thou the Lord of all creation, 
Every living soul is thine : 

May the grace of thy salvation 

On the lands of darkness shine : 

Holy Spirit! 
To thyself the world incline. 


Words of precious promise, spoken 
In thy faithfulness and love, 

Never, never can be broken 

While thou reignest King above : 
Let thy mercies 

Thy abounding goodness prove. 



8 4 HYMNS. 

XXXVI 7, 6. 

gra, trjougrj 1: foalk trjrougrj tfjr ballcn of ti)c sfjatiouj of ocatij, £ toill 

fear no cbtl : for trjou art tottf) mc ; ttjg rotj anti ti)a staff 

trjcij comfort mc. — Ps. xxiii. 4. 


HPHERE is a land immortal, 
A The beautiful of lands ; 
Beside its ancient portal 

A silent sentry stands : 
He only can undo it, 

And open wide the door ; 
And mortals who pass through it 
Are mortal nevermore. 


That glorious land is Heaven, 

And Death the sentry grim : 
The Lord thereof has given 

The opening keys to him ; 
And ransom'd spirits, sighing 

And sorrowful for sin, 
Pass through the gate in dying, 

And freely enter in. 

HYMNS. 85 


Though dark and drear the passage 

That leads unto the gate, 
Yet grace attends the message 

To souls that watch and wait ; 
And at the time appointed 

A messenger comes down, 
And guides the Lord's anointed 

From cross to glory's crown. 


Their sighs are lost in singing; 

They're blessed in their tears : 
Their journey heavenward winging, 

They leave on earth their fears. 
Death like an angel seeming, 

"We welcome thee!" they cry: 
Their eyes with rapture gleaming, 

'Tis life for them to die. 


o • 9 

(3 I (D 

86 HYMNS. 


It is Glofc forjtrfj foorkctfj in gou botrj to foill anti to foork, for rjis 
gooti pleasure. — Phil. ii. 13. 


,r T*IS well that thou, my God, shouldst be 

The master of my destiny ; 
For were my lot placed in my hand, 
Where should my sure salvation stand? 


Beset around with wily snares, 
And cumber'd with uncounted cares, 
What arm but thine alone can hold 
My soul within thy saving fold? 


The things of sense allure mine eyes, 
And sudden sins my soul surprise : 
Were I no more thy grace to share, 
Then naught were left me but despair. 

HYMNS. 87 


I know that I am safe with thee ; 
Then in thy hands my portion be : 
I cannot fear what may betide 
When on thyself my hopes abide. 

Let sinless ones on merit stand, 

I seek for mercy at thy hand : 

No other way of help I see, 

Thy grace in Christ must work for me. 


A wretch were I to lean upon 
The works my erring hands have done 
I stand a suppliant, with the plea, 
Atoning blood was shed for me. 


O let thy Spirit day by day 
Uphold me in the upward way: 
Enough for me that thou wilt keep 
The feeblest of thy chosen sheep. 


88 HYMNS. 

XXXVIII 8, 7. 

ILrt not gour tytaxt be troublco : gc bcliroc in ®otr, bflifbf also in me. 

John xiv. 1. 


T3EAR the burden of the present, 
Let the morrow bear its own ; 

If the morning sky be pleasant, 

Why the coming night bemoan? 


If the darken'd heavens lower, 

Wrap thy cloak around thy form ; 

Though the tempest rise in power, 
God is mightier than the storm. 


Steadfast faith and hope unshaken 
Animate the trusting breast ; 

Step by step the journey's taken 
Nearer to the land of rest 


HYMNS. 89 


All unseen, the Master walketh 
By the toiling servant's side : 

Comfortable words he talketh, 

While his hands uphold and guide. 


Grief, nor pain, nor any sorrow 

Rends thy breast to him unknown ; 

He to-day and He to-morrow 

Grace sufficient gives his own. 


Holy strivings nerve and strengthen, 
Long endurance wins the crown : 
When the evening shadows lengthen, 

Thou shalt lay the burden down. 


9 o HYMNS. 

xxxix cm. 

<3 fjost compassrtj i\)z n'tg fcotf) faiti) fiorsrs antJ rijartots. 

2 Kings vi. 15. 


T TNSEEN by them, a glorious host 
^ About God's people stand: 
The heavenly watchers hold the post 
At his supreme command. 


There is no child of God too high 
To need their constant care, 

And none too deep in poverty 
Their daily help to share. 


When loved ones go, and earth is lone, 
As if no friend were near, 

Then unseen angels from the throne 
Bring helpful words of cheer. 

HYMNS. 91 


The sun of hope breaks through our gloom, 
And wondering whence it came, 

We start, like Mary at the tomb 
When Jesus call'd her name. 

When morning dawns, the darkness flies: 

When showers at evening fall, 
A rainbow links the earth and skies: 

Our God is over all. 



92 HYMNS. 

XL C. M. P. 

&rrtJ after tfjc fire, a still small botrc— i Kings xix. 12. 


T^LIJAH stood upon the mount: 

^ Behold, the Lord pass'd by: 

A great strong wind the mountain rent, 

The shiver' d rocks did fly: 
Jehovah was not in the wind, — 

Behold, the Lord pass'd by. 


After the wind an earthquake crash' d, 
As if the end were nigh : 

Not in the earthquake was the Lord 
Before the prophet's eye : 

Not in the earthquake nor the wind,— 
Behold, the Lord pass'd by. 


After the earthquake, flaming fire 
Encrimson'd earth and sky: 

HYMNS. 93 

The wind that rent, the earthquake throe, 
The fire that flamed on high, 

In none of them Jehovah was, — 
Behold, the Lord pass'd by. 


When earthquake, wind and fire had ceased, 
And there was not a sound, 

In tones of gentle stillness spake 
A still small voice profound : 

Elijah, in his mantle wrapt, 

Stood there on holy ground. 


Not in the roar, the crash, the flame, 

Around, beneath, above, 
The Lord in state majestic comes 

The heart of man to move : 
His Holy Spirit conquers by 

The still small voice of love. 


94 HYMNS. 

XLI 8, 7, p. 

rt)f ILorb is flootr to all ; antr rjts tender metrics arc obcr all 
i)is ixiorks.— Ps. cxlv. 9. 


/^VVER the earth a stillness comes, 
^-^ The eventide is falling: 
Lord, bless all dwellers in their homes 
Who on thy name are calling. 


Thy blessing on the toiler rest ; 

The over- worn and weary ; 
The dying, and the comfortless 

To whom the earth is dreary. 


Thy blessing on the child to-night; 

Thy blessing on the hoary ; 
The maiden clad in beauty bright, 

The young man in his glory. 

HYMNS. 95 


Thy blessing on my fellow-race, 
Of every clime and nation : 

May they partake thy saving grace, 
O Giver of salvation. 


If any man have wrought me wrong, 
Still blessings be upon him : 

May I in love to him be strong, 
Till charity have won him. 


Thy blessings on me, from of old, 
My God ! I cannot number : 

I wrap me in their ample fold, 
And sink in trustful slumber. 


(f^f 6 ^Qj 

96 HYMNS. 


{Take a psalm, anti bring fjttrjcr irjc timbrel, tfjc pleasant fjarp toitrj 

trjr pgalterg.— Ps. Ixxxi. 2. 


T ET all the people sing a psalm, 
-^ A stately psalm of solemn praise, 
While sitting in the holy calm, 

The calm befitting Sabbath days. 


Come, chant the words King David sang 
When heavenly airs around him swept, 

And Zion's tents wi^h music rang, 
While holy day the singers kept. 


The King of glory on his throne, 
The Ancient of eternal days, 

The Lord Jehovah he alone, 

Immortal strains become his praise. 




Let all the tribes of Adam's race, 

With thankful voice and lifted palms, 

E'er magnify his truth and grace 

And laud him in the ancient psalms. 


98 HYMNS. 


£f anri man tfjtrst, let inm come unto me, ano tortnk.— John vii. 37. 


T LONG for God, the living God; 
A I hunger for his grace : 
I long to see as I have seen 
My heavenly Saviour's face. 


The earth has not a home for me 
Where I would always stay : 

O let me take my pilgrim-staff 
And speed my upward way. 


I would not be afraid to live, 

Nor yet afraid to die ; 
Nor wish to end my working days, 

Or make them faster fly. 




But I would hide myself beneath 
Jehovah's sheltering wing, 

And wait till his appointed hour 
Shall life immortal bring. 


Lord, may I learn to work or wait, 
Just as thy word is given, — 

Not loitering idly at the gate 
That opens into heaven. 



ioo HYMNS. 

XLIV 8, 7. 

03J)wn ti)f EortJ Iobrtf) t* rfjastnutf), anfc srourgftf) cbtrg son 
fotjom J)e rcfftbfti). — Heb. xii. 6. 


A 17 HEN he waketh, when he sleepeth, 
v When he toileth in the day, 
Him the Father safely keepeth 

Who makes Christ his only stay. 


If he wanders, God will chasten 
Him with many stripes or few, 

Till his erring footsteps hasten 
To the mercy-seat anew. 


If he meekly beareth crosses, 

And his eyes yet look to heaven, 

God will turn to gain his losses, 

Yea, to him will much be given. 

HYMNS. ioi 


Daily he will find a token 

That his Lord loves to the end : 
When the golden bowl is broken, 

Up to him shall he ascend. 


No more sin and no more sorrow, 
No more bitter tears to shed ; 

Heaven will have no sad to-morrow, 
But eternal day instead. 


io2 HYMNS. 

XLV s. M. 

£fye ILortJ int'll strengthen fjtm upon tfje bctr of languishing* 

Ps. xli. 3. 


A PRISONER of the Lord, 
"^^ Awaiting his commands, 
My prison-house is amply stored 
With bounties from his hands. 


He makes my pillow soft 

While prostrate, weak, and sore, 
And ministering angels oft 
Enter my chamber-door. 


Sweet love in every tone 
Is whisper'd round my bed : 
I know that none will give a stone 
Instead of strengthening bread. 

HYMNS. 103 


No fears my soul alarm ; 
My pains shall pass away: 
Christ puts his everlasting arm 
Beneath me all the day. 


How can I be cast down? 
Why wrap myself in gloom, 
And wear a care-begotten frown, 
When Christ is in the room? 


God's strokes are not in wrath : 
The fruits that feed the soul 
Bestrew the strait and narrow path 

Unto the heavenly goal. 


- ! • 


io4 HYMNS. 


.Secretly saging, Z\)c faster is \)txt, anto callctij ttjrc, — John xi. 28. 


COME day the word will come to me, 
^ Arise ; the Master calls for thee. 

May I be ready then to go, 
Saying, Lord Jesus ! even so. 


Will work I've purposed in my thought 
Be to my Master's pleasure wrought? 
And will more talents then be won, 
So that the Lord may say, Well done? 


Will tears be shed upon my bier 
By some I've help'd to comfort here? 
Will seed I've sown some fruitage bear 
Too late for me the joy to share? 

HYMNS. ios 


Shall I on Jordan's farther side 
Find some redeem'd and glorified 
To whom I pointed out the road 
Leading to that divine abode ? 


I cannot answer Yea or Nay : 

This only, Master, can I say : 

If I've done aught to honour thee, 

It was thy grace that wrought through me. 


O blessed Lord, in me abide 
When I pass over Jordan's tide, 
That I with my last trembling breath 

May glorify thy name in death. 



io6 HYMNS. 


©n trjat cag, ttjc first tiarj of trje bictk, . . . Uesus came anrj stooto 
in tfje mt'tJst.— John xx. 19. 


T^HE blessing of the Sabbath-day 
Again our spirit cheers, 

And heaven seems not so far away 
That on our listening ears 


Some sounds of music may not fall 
Struck on angelic lyres, 

Some anthems to the Lord, by all 
The high celestial choirs. 


Let our lips, too, break forth in praise 
To thee, O King of heaven, 

For this the chiefest of the days, 
The holiest of the seven. 

HYMNS. 107 


O Thou who on this day didst rise 

Omnipotent above, 
Reveal to our expectant eyes 

New glimpses of thy love. 


Come, Holy Comforter, and show 
Thy gracious sovereign power, 

That we may more like Jesus grow 
In this accepted hour. 


As on the day of Pentecost, 

Visit thy church again, 
That earth may join the heavenly host 

In praising Thee. Amen. 


io8 HYMNS. 


Crjinjgs mrjtdj rgr safo not, antJ car ijrarti not, ano toijirt) cntcrcfc 
not into trjr fjrart of man. — i Cor. ii. 9. 


]\JO tongue of man has ever told 
^ ^ God's everlasting love ; 
No heart has known the manifold 
Delights prepared above. 


Nor eye has seen, nor ear has heard, 
Nor mind has yet explored, 

What things are token' d in his word 
For all that love the Lord. 


His children daily something learn 
While training in his schools : 

Yet dimly do their minds discern 
How gracious are his rules : 

HYMNS. 109 


Yet little can they apprehend 
What God has still in store ; 

For that which has no bound nor end 
They cannot reckon o'er. 


Glory to thee, eternal King! 

Invisible, yet known 
To loving souls who daily bring 

Faith's offering to thy throne. 



no HYMNS. 


JJrsus sato tf)frtforr unto tt)r tfcirlbc, &3oulti gc also go afoag? 

John vi. 67. 


WHERE could I go but unto thee, 

* O man of Nazareth ? 
Thy blood was shed on Calvary 
To give me life for death ! 


To whom, my Lord, but unto thee, 
O Son of God most high, 

When angels bend with reverent knee 
Before thy majesty? 


Where can I go but unto thee, 
The only refuge-tower 

Impregnable, where I can flee 
In sore temptation's hour? 

HYMNS. 1 1 1 


To whom need I go but to thee? 

Thou art the utmost sum 
Of every soul's necessity; — 

And therefore, Lord, I come. 


O Lamb of God, who cam'st to take 

The sin of man away, 
Fast hold me for thy mercy's sake, 

And I shall never stray. 



ii2 HYMNS. 

L CM. 

JFor as oftrn as jic rat trjis trcati, anrj orinfc trjc rup, gc proclaim 
tfjc ILoro's tieatrj till fje come— i Cor. xi. 26. 


AS children dwelling in their home 
By right of grace divine, 
Unto thy table, Lord, we come 
To take of bread and wine. 


The bread shows forth thy body slain, 
The wine thy blood out-pour'd : 

To take away our sin and stain 
Cost thy dear life, O Lord. 


O may the Holy Ghost descend 
With blessing from above, 

That grateful praise may now ascend 
For thine amazing love. 

HYMNS. 113 


Abide with us this holy day 
And fill us with thy peace, 

And while we gladly praise and pray, 
Lord, make our faith increase. 


Sit with us at the blessed feast, 

As in the day of old, 
Our high and sovereign Saviour-Priest, 

Thy glory to behold. 


• ^ 

ii4 HYMNS. 

LI 7's. 

Z-^zxz fcoas at tf)e tabic reclining in 3csus' bosom one of f)is 
tn'sciplcs, irif)om Uesus lofartJ.— John xiii. 23. 


TN the hidden ways of life 

God's beloved may be found, 

Shut in from the things of strife, 

Hedged with mercies all around. 


Born of God they know not when, 
Single is the faith they hold, 

Prying not with curious ken 

Into what has not been told. 


Like the saint of Patmos isle, 

In them love has potent sway, 

Israelites who have no guile, 

Passing on their heavenward way: 

HYMNS. 115 


By the loving, kindly deed, 

By the strengthening word of cheer, 
By the helpful hand in need, 

Glorifying Jesus here. 


Pointing out the path to heaven, 
Winning souls is their reward: 

When the welcome-call is given, 
Dying, they wake in the Lord. 




u6 HYMNS. 

LII 7's. 

3ftrr rjc tofrt rnltgrjtrnctJ, nc rntmrcti a great ronflirt of sufferings. 

Heb. x. 32. 


TN the midnight and the storm 

Some of God's beloved must go; 

Not for them the valleys warm, 

But the hills of crag and snow. 


In the darkness call'd to stand, 
Fighting with a foe unseen, 

Friend nor lover at their hand, 

Strongly on their Lord they lean. 


Chasten'd sore, bereaved, and lone, 

They with steadfast faith look up, 

Seeking, low before his throne, 
Grace to take the bitter cup. 

HYMNS. 1 1 7 


Not the less beloved are they, 

Heirs with Christ, who suffer loss: 

They shall find, some coming day, 

Why 'twas theirs to bear the cross. 


Some the fight of faith must share ; 

Some endure the tempter's blows; 
Testimony they must bear 

Christ is mightier than his foes. 


As they lay their weapons by, 
Conquerors in the final strife, 

Glory be to God! they cry, 
Entering into restful life. 


$ 3 M c c 

c • 

n8 HYMNS. 

LIU c. M. 

ilcsus ansfocrfo f)tm, If £ toast) ttjcc not, tijou i;ast no part fcoitfj mc, 

John xiii. 8. 


HPHE dusty paths of earth defile 
My sandals through the day; 

And vexing cares my soul beguile 
While toiling on the way. 


How oft I lose the gracious sense 
Of nearness unto Thee ! 

How oft forget the providence 
That orders life for me! 


The daily good that I would do 

Is often unbegun ; 
And evil I would fain eschew 

My heedless hands have done. 

HYMNS. 119 


At eventime, unsatisfied, 

I call the day to mind ; 

And by thy righteous standard tried, 
Shortcomings do I find. 


O Thou who, in thy graciousness, 
Didst wash thy servants' feet, 

Thy travel-stain'd disciple bless 
Before thy mercy-seat. 


The robe of works that I have worn 

Is scanty for my needs : 
Give me the robe of thy new-born, — 

Of faith and holy deeds. 


1 20 HYMNS. 

LIV S. M. 

gc arc not pour ohm ; for gc tocrc boucjrjt foitrj a price. 
1 Cor. vi. 19, 20. 


T GIVE myself to God, 
My life, my soul, my all: 
He knows the devious paths I've trod, 
In mercy's hand I fall. 


My sins I cannot count. 
Nor sum his favours up: 
I humbly kneel at mercy's fount 
And take salvation's cup. 


I proffer but his own; 

And may the Master take 
The gift I lay before his throne, 
For my Redeemer's sake. 

HYMNS. 121 


I give myself to God, 
For evermore to hold: 
I pass beneath the Shepherd's rod 

To bide within his fold. 


i22 HYMNS, 

LV C. M. 

&nfc in'm tijat comet!) to me E foill in no un'se rast out.— John vi. 37. 


HPHE pathway to the mercy-seat 
■*• Is found of all who will; 
And they who kneel at Jesus' feet 
Find him a Saviour still. 


As, when upon the earth he trod, 

None empty went away 
Who sought his blessing as their God, 

So we to him may pray. 


The child unto his parent runs 
For comfort and relief: 

So may the Lord's redeemed ones 
Go to him with their grief. 




Yea, even in the busiest hour 
Unspoken prayer may rise, 

And blessings in a gracious shower 
Fall on us from the skies. 


How wondrous 'tis that we may reach 
The heavenly throne by prayer ! 

That silent thought or utter' d speech 
Find gracious audience there ! 



i2 4 HYMNS. 


Qs manr) as touri)ctJ i)im torn mafcr Indole. — Mark vi. 56. 


AT Jesus' feet I take my place : 

I touch his garment's hem : 
A helpless child in need of grace 
My Lord will not condemn. 


I have no hope but in his love; 

His promise is my plea: 
I give myself to Him who strove 

E'en unto death for me. 


I only ask that I may know 

What he would have me do, 

That my obedient life may show 

The grace that bears me through. 

HYMNS. 125 


I've nothing, Lord, to offer thee 
But what thou madest mine : 

O take my all, and let it be 
Thine own, for ever thine. 


126 HYMNS. 


&ntJ tfje rork fcoas Cfjrtst.— i Cor. x. 4. 


r^ I VE me a foothold on the rock : 
^^ The billows round me roll : 
Let not their wild, impetuous shock 

0'erw T helm my trembling soul. 
O Thou that walkest on the wave, 

Thou Ruler of the sea, 
Stretch forth thy mighty arm to save 

The soul that calls on thee. 


Give me a foothold on the rock, 

O Saviour of the lost! 
The world and sin my struggles mock, 

And I am tempest-tost. 
I strive to reach an anchoring place*-. 

My God, give me a stay; 
Extend to me thy hand of grace, 

Lest I be cast away. 

HYMNS. 127 


Give me a foothold on the rock, 

Till voices 'yond the sea, 
Like evening chimings of the clock, 

Bid welcome home to me. 
The day of toil and watching o'er, 

The night of sorrow past, 
I step upon the eternal shore, 

And rest in peace at last. 



I r 

1 28 HYMNS. 

LVIII 7's. 

Z\)t ILorfc lift up ijis rountcnanrr upon tfjcr, anto Qibt ttjcc prate. 

Num. vi. 26. 


"DEST and peace for Jesus' sake! 

O my Father, hear my cry; 
Heal my bosom's bitter ache, 
While before thy feet I lie. 


I have loved and I have lost 

Those whom I had prized too well: 
O'er my threshold sorrow cross'd 

When the cherish'd idols fell. 


I forgot that they were lent, 

And I claim'd them as my own, 

Till the message from thee sent 

Took them up before thy throne. 

HYMNS. 129 


Speak the word of peace to me; 

Pardon thy forgetful child: 
Let me find my rest in thee, 

Comforted and reconciled: 


Comforted, that loving eyes 

Shone so long within my home: 

Reconciled, that to the skies 

Thou didst bid the loved ones come, 


Rest and peace for Jesus' sake! 

Father, at thy feet I kneel: 
Bruised reeds thou wilt not break, 

Thou the broken heart wilt heal. 


130 HYMNS, 

LIX. . . . 7's. 

'\)t\\ romrti) 3rsus tottij ttyrm unto a place ralkrj (Brtfystmatu. 

Matt, xx vi. 36. 


f~\ THE agonizing prayer 

Rising on the midnight air! 
"Let this cup pass from thy Son: 
Not my will, but thine be done!" 
Jesus in Gethsemane! 


O the tears and bloody sweat 
Falling fast on Olivet ! 
In thy lonely agony, 
Shedding crimson tears for me, 
Jesus in Gethsemane! 


O what wrath of earth and hell 
On thy head unpitying fell, 
When thy passion-time began, 
Bearer of the sin of man, 

Jesus in Gethsemane! 

HYMNS. 131 


Sorrow none had ever known 
Came upon thy soul alone: 
While its billows o'er thee swept, 
Near at hand thy followers slept, 
Jesus in Gethsemane! 


Waken me from sinful sleep: 
Faithful, loving, make me keep, 
Watching every hour with thee 
Who didst agonize for me, 
Jesus in Gethsemane ! 


Crimson'd once, but beauteous now, 
O what glory crowns thy brow! 
All the world shall bend the knee, 
Lord triumphant! unto thee, 

Conqueror in Gethsemane! 


1 32 HYMNS. 

LX 7's. 

Casting all sour artitctg upon fn'm, because \)t carrtf) for gou. 

i Peter v. 7. 


/^AST thy burden on the Lord! 
^ Is this message meant for me? 
May I take him at his word, 
And will he my helper be? 


In my daily household care, 
In the business of the day, 

Will the Lord the burden bear 
Or his strength upon me lay? 


When the evil one shall cast 

Tempting baits to snare my soul, 

Or shall taunt me with the past, 

Will the Lord his power control? 

HYMNS. 133 


When the bitterness of grief 
Shall upon my bosom prey, 

Will he give me swift relief? 
Will he take the pain away? 


When the parting hour is near, 
Will his everlasting love 

Conquer every doubt and fear 

And the sting of death remove ? 


'Tis the promise of the Lord, 
Meant for me on every day: 

Heaven and earth may fail, — his word 
Never once shall pass away. 


i 3 4 HYMNS. 


Btrjolo, nig scrbants sfjall sing for jog of fjcart.— Isa. lxv. i. 


COMETIMES, in quiet revery, 
When day is growing dim, 

The heart is singing silently 
A sweet unwritten hymn. 


The strains are not to measure wrought 

By cunning of the mind, 
But seem like hymnings angels brought 

From heaven, and left behind. 


The misty hills of bygone grief, 
Once dark to look upon, 

Stand out like blessings in relief 
Against the setting sun. 

HYMNS. 135 


The rain may fall, the wind ma}' blow, 

The soul uuhinder'd sings, 
While, like the bird 'neath sheltering bough, 

She sits with folded wings, — 


A brief and pleasant resting space, 
A glance at Beulah land, 

Before she girds herself apace 

For work that waits the hand. 


Then, giving thanks to Him who pour'd 

Refreshment in her cup, 
She hears the calling of her Lord 

And takes her labour up. 



136 HYMNS. 


Qnti trjrrr srjall be nttjtlt no more ; anti trjrg rtcco no licjbt of lamp, 
nrittjcr Ucjtjt of sun. — Rev. xxii. 5. 


/^\ LAND of day, eternal day, 
^^ Unbroken by a night : 
No need of candle nor of sun 
Thy blessed fields to shine upon,- 
The Lamb of God thy light. 


O land of life that cannot die, 

To mortals open'd up: 
No more the drooping of the eye, 
The parting word, the fitful sigh, 
The bitter-tasting cup. 


O land of rest and sweet content, 
The time of battle o'er, 

HYMNS. 137 

The weary victors, laying down 
The cross, receive from Christ the crown 
To wear forevermore. 


O land of beauty, beautiful 

Beyond the brightest dream 
Of poet in his time of power : 
No painter in his happiest hour 
Has caught its faintest gleam. 


Lord of the land ! Eternal King 

Of a domain so fair ! 
O give us grace to watch and wait, 
On duty at the outer gate, 

Till we may enter there. 


i *8 HYMNS. 

LXIII 7, 6, p. 

&mcn: Blrsstnct, ano rjloro, ano fooisoom, anti trjanfcscttbtng, antj 

honour, ano potorr, anti mtgfjt, fcc unto our (Goo 

for fbcr anti rorr. — Rev. vii. 12. 


/^LORY be to God on high 
^~* Glory in the highest! 
Lord of wondrous majesty, 
Maker of the earth and sky: 
Saints redeem'd and angels cry, 
Glory be to God on high! 
Glory in the highest! 


Glory be to God on high! 
Glory in the highest ! 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! 
Praises in the uttermost 
Earth shall sing with heaven's host: 

Glory be to God on high I 

Glory in the highest! 


HYMNS. 139 

LXIV 8, 8, 8. 

iJLUjn srrk jjr ijt'm tfjat litoctrj among tfjr tirati? |i?r is not rjcrr, 
but is risen.— Luke xxiv. 5, 6. 


/^HRIST is risen! O the wonder! 
^ Rending bands of death asunder, 
Rising to the glory yonder! 


Silently as morning breaking 
Came the wonderful awaking, 
Christ again his Godhead taking: 


In the stillness of the morning, 

Angels heralding no warning, 

Though the world's new light was dawning. 


Ere satirising, one came seeking, 

She whose heart with pain was reeking, 

Tears her pallid cheek bestreaking. 

i 4 o HYMNS. 


Last she saw him faint and dying ; 
Stark and cold her Lord was lying, 
Ere she left him, weeping, sighing. 


Lone she stood in tearful wonder: 
Who had rent His tomb asunder ? 
Who so vile the grave to plunder? 


She, amazed, her watch was keeping, 
Blinding mists her vision steeping: 
Woman, why art thou a-weeping?" 

i i 


Was the startled woman chary? 
Was she in her answering wary? 
What a change when He said, ''Mary!' 


Once the piteous supplication, 
Now the glad ejaculation, 
"Master!" in rapt adoration. 


No more mocking, no more scourging, 
Priest and mob the soldiers urging, 
While the rage of hell was surging: 

HYMNS. 141 


Crown of thorns no longer wearing, 
Cruel taunts no longer bearing, 
Nails no more his body tearing: 


Majesty and gracious sweetness 
Join in him with perfect meetness, 
God and man in full completeness. 


Lord Jehovah! low before thee, 
Ransom'd by thee, we adore thee: 
Glory in the highest! Glory! 


4 # 

1 42 HYMNS. 


An attempt {based mainly on a literal rendering- by J. Addison 
Campbell) to give in English verse the famous Lati)i hymn of 
Thomas of Celano, written in the thirteenth century. 


T'HE day of wrath, that certain day, 
In glowing embers earth shall lay, 
Both David and the Sibyl say. 


With trembling dread the world will quake 
Or e'er the Judge shall inquest make, 
And ruin all things overtake. 


The trump shall sound a startling tone 
Throughout the graves of every zone, 
And call all men before the throne. 


And death and nature in surprise 
Shall see the creature man arise 
To answer at the dread assize. 

HYMNS. 143 


The written book will forth be brought, 
With good and evil records fraught, 
And man be judged for deed and thought. 


When he shall sit upon his throne, 
The Judge will make all secrets known; 
Things unavenged there shall be none. 


And what shall wretched I then plead? 
Who then for me will intercede, 
When e'en the just will mercy need? 


King of tremendous majesty, 

Who sav'st thine own by grace most free, 

Thou fount of pity, rescue me ! 


Remember, Jesus kind, I pray, 
Thou trod'st for me thy painful way: 
Then do not lose me on that day ! 


While seeking me, I wearied thee; 
Thou on the cross redeemedst me: 
In vain let not such travail be! 

i 4 4 HYMiYS. 


Just and avenging Judge, I cry, 

Give me remission ere I die, 

Before the reckoning-day comes nigh. 


A culprit groaning with his care, 

Guilt's crimson blush my face doth wear; 

O God, the pleading suppliant spare ! 


The sinful woman was forgiven, 

And e'en the thief by thee was shriven; 

Then give me also hope of heaven. 


My prayers, unworthy, do not spurn; 
Thou who art good, in kindness turn, 
Lest I in fire eternal burn. 


Far from the goats' accursed band 
Keep me apart, and make me stand 
Among the sheep at thy right hand. 


When, self-confuted, to their place 

Of flame the wicked rush apace, 

Then call my name with words of grace. 

HYMNS. 145 


Prostrate and suppliant, I cry, 

While bruised in dust my heart doth lie, 

care for me that day I die ! 

Upon that day of tearful eyes, 
When from the embers he shall rise, 
And culprit man wait thy decree, 
O God, then pardon even me. 

Kind Lord Jesus, ever blest! 
Give to thy redeemed rest. 



1 46 HYMNS. 

LXVI 8, 7, 4. 

& man fjao tfooo sons ; antj rje rame to trje first, ano sato, .Son, 50 
fooork to-'Oas m tfje btiujjarlJ. — Matt. xxi. 28. 


TN the vineyard of our Father 
Daily work we find to do ; 

Scatter'd fruit our hands may gather, 
Though we are but weak and few 

Little clusters 
Help to fill the basket too. 


Toiling early in the morning, 

Catching moments through the day, 
Nothing small or lowly scorning, — 

So we work, and watch, and pray; 
Gathering gladly 

Free-will offerings by the way. 

HYMNS. 147 


Not for selfish praise or glory, 

Not for objects nothing worth, 

But to send the blessed story 
Of the gospel o'er the earth, 

Telling mortals 
Of our Lord and Saviour's birth. 


Up and ever at our calling, 

Till in death our lips are dumb, 

Or till — sin's dominion falling — 

Christ shall in his kingdom come, 

And his children 
Reach their everlasting home. 

Steadfast, then, in our endeavour, 
Heavenly Father, may we be ; 

And forever, and forever, 

We will give the praise to thee ; 
Alleluiah ! 

Singing, all eternity. 




LXVII 7,6. 

<Tl)f morning stars sang together, anti all tfjc sons of (Goo srjoutco 

for jorj. — Job xxxviii. 7. 


'T^HE morning stars were singing 

With joy when time began ; 
And heavenly peals were ringing 

When God created man : 
The universe was swelling 

With jubilant delight, 
While all to all were telling 

The Lord Jehovah's might. 


A higher song of glory 

Was sung in after-days, — 
And shepherds heard the story, 

As angels hymn'd His praise, 
Of Jesus in a manger, 

God's well-beloved Son, 
Who came to save from danger 

A race by sin undone. 

HYMNS. 149 


A multitude of voices 

Have learn'd this holy song ; 
And earth with heaven rejoices 

To roll the sound along. 
With saints and angels o'er us, 

Singing before the throne, 
We join the gladsome chorus, 

Glory to God alone ! 



150 HYMNS. 

LXVIII 8, 7, 4. 

£2Etlt trjou not from tfjis time rrg unto nu, iHp. Jfatrjcr, tfjou art 
i\)t gutoc of mn goutfj ?— Jer. iii. 4. 


T7ATHER ! in my life's young morning, 
May thy word direct my way : 

Let me heed each gracious warning, 
Lest my feet should go astray : 

Make me willing 
All its precepts to obey. 


Father ! gentle is thy teaching ; 

Be a docile spirit mine : 
Every day thy grace beseeching, 

Let thy loving-kindness shine 
Always on me, 

And my heart be wholly thine. 




Father ! let me never covet 

Things of vanity and pride : 

Teach me truth, and may I love it 
Better than all else beside : 

Blessed Bible! 
May it be my heavenward guide. 



152 HYMNS. 

LXIX 7, 6. 

<&tuing tijanfcs altoags for all tljings.— Eph. v. 20. 


T THANK the Lord my Maker 

For all his gifts to me : 
For making me partaker 

Of bounties rich and free : 
For father and for mother, 

Who give me clothes and food, 
For sister and for brother, 

And all the kind and good. 


I thank the Lord my Saviour 

Who came for me to die, 
And bless me with his favour 

And fit me for the sky, — 
That, all my sins out-blotted, 

By Jesus wash'd away. 
I may be found unspotted 

When comes the final day. 

HYMNS. 153 


I thank the Lord for giving 
The Spirit of his grace, 

That I may serve him living, 
And, dying, reach the place 

Where Jesus in his glory 
I shall forever see, 

And tell the wondrous story 

Of all his love for me. 


154 HYMNS. 

LXX H. M. 

Cfjou makrst tfjc outgoings of tfje morning anti rbening to rejoice. 

£J;ou uisitrst ttjc rartf), ano matrrrst it : tijou grcatls 

rnrict)fst it fcotttj ttje ribcr of (Goth— Ps. lxv. 8, 9. 


UmO bids the wind to blow? 
V * Who makes the sun to shine, 
And flowers and grass to grow 
Around this path of mine? 
Who makes these shady trees arise, 
And spread their boughs beneath the skies ? 


Who makes this brook, so bright, 

From earth's cold bosom spring, 
And sparkle in the light, 

And sweetly, sweetly sing, 
As if an angel lent his voice 
To help the rippling stream rejoice? 

HYMNS. 155 


Who gave the airy bird 

Soft feathers and swift wings, 
And taught it music-words 

To charm us when it sings? — 
Say, little bird ! who taught you how 
To sing so sweetly on that bough? 


O, 'tis our Father, God, 

Who gives us every thing : 
The grass, the flowery sod, 

The brook, and birds that sing ; 
And all the blessings of this day 
He sheds upon our happy way. 


How good is God ! He gave 

His only Son to die, 
Our souls from death to save, 
And fit us for the sky. 
O, let us bow, and serve him here 
With gratitude and love sincere. 


i ;6 H YMNS. 

LXXI 8, 7, 8, 4. 

£f)2 fooro ts a lamp unto inn feet, anti a Itgijt unto mg aatfj. 

Ps. cxix. 105. 


T300K of grace, and book of glory ! 

Gift of God to age and youth ; 
Wondrous is thy sacred story, 
Bright, bright with truth. 


Book of love ! in accents tender, 

Speaking unto such as we ; 
May it lead us, L,ord, to render 
All, all to thee. 


Book of hope ! the spirit sighing 

Consolation finds in thee, 
As it hears the Saviour crying, 
Come, come to me." 


HYMNS. 157 


Book of peace ! when nights of sorrow 

Fall upon us drearily, 
Thou wilt bring a shining morrow, 

Full, full of thee. 


Book of life ! when we, reposing, 
Bid farewell to friends we love, 

Give us for the life then closing, 
Life, life above. 



158 HYMNS. 

LXXII 6, 9. 

<3t t\)t beautiful Gate of tije £emplc."— Acts iii. 10. 


T^HERE is light on my path, 

There is joy in my heart, 
For the doubt and the fear 

From my bosom depart, 
While I muse on his love 

As I quietly wait 
For the Master to come 

At the Beautiful Gate, 
The Beautiful Gate of the temple. 


There is travailing care ; 

There is labour in vain ; 
There is noise in the air; 

There is pitiless rain ; 

HYMNS. 159 

And I cover my head 

Till the storm shall abate, 

And the Lord shall appear 
At the Beautiful Gate, 
The Beautiful Gate of the temple. 


I am sorely beset; 

I am weary and worn ; 
And I sigh for the night, 

And I long for the morn: 
He will come in good time, 

Whether early or late, 
As I kneel for his touch 

At the Beautiful Gate, 
The Beautiful Gate of the temple, 


Lo ! the darkness is past, 

And the morning is here ; 
'Tis the voice of my Lord 

That enraptures my ear : 
He has s come to my help 

In my uttermost strait, 
And he beckons me in 

At the Beautiful Gate, 
The Beautiful Gate of his temple. 

T 4 1885. 

i6o HYMNS. 

LXXIII 8, 9. 

" gc knob) not fof)cn." — Mark xiii. 35. 


T KNOW not when the Lord will call, 
Or in the night or in the morning : 

The angel's foot may softly fall, 

Or it may give a note of warning. 


There may be but a step between 

Earth's outer gate and heaven's portal: 

Or morn may slowly lift the screen 

That hangs before the day immortal. 


The Lord may whisper, "Follow me!" 

When none but I shall hear the calling, 

And men may marvel when they see 
A tree in summer greenness falling. 

HYMNS. 161 


Perchance I may be left to wait, 
His earlier-chosen taken only, 

And I may feel 'tis getting late, 

And earth is growing dim and lonely. 


Perchance when gladsome days are come, 
Or when the wintry winds are blowing, 

The Lord will bid me hasten home, 
Unquestioning and all unknowing. 


The time, the way, I'd leave to Thee: 

Were mine the choice, this would I rather, 

Content that both alike shall be 

As seemeth best to thee, my Father. 


1 62 HYMNS. 


"£2Ef)om (SotJ t)att) tytXiQcti in."— Job iii. 23. 


'T^HE sea before, the foe behind, 

What place of hiding can I find? 
Shut up from help on every side, 
What hand my trembling feet will guide? 


From Satan's realm I sought to flee, 
And now behold the raging sea ! 
The foe is pressing on me sore, 
And I shall perish on the shore. 


When I set out to 'scape his sway 
The guide-posts pointed me this way : 
Is there no arm this side the wave 
The hunted fugitive to save? 

HYMNS. 163 


The treacherous deep my soul may snare, 

And yet away far over there 

The haven of salvation lies, 

Its borders reaching to the skies. 


And must I venture in the sea? 
Is there no other path for me? 
Will the same hand that led me here 
For my deliverance now appear? 


O Lord, my Saviour! hear my cry: 
In my distressful day come nigh : 
Now, trembling, on the waves I tread, 
O hold me in this time of dread. 


The waters part before my feet; 
Onward I press with footsteps fleet: 
Dry-shod I reach the farther strand 
And enter in Immanuel's land ! 


Forevermore Thy praise I'll sing : 

Glory to thee, Eternal King ! 

'Tis thine to order all my way, 

Be mine unquestioning to obev. 

, 4 » 1S85. 

i64 HYMNS. 

LXXV 7's. 

" Qrah) nigf) unto mg soul."— Ps. lxix. 18. 


TVTEARER to thy heart of love; 
Nearer to thy hand of power: 
Jesus ! nearer every hour 

Lift me to the life above. 


Nearer unto thee, my Lord, 

Who art always near to me, 
Though thy hand I may not see 

As it guides me heavenward. 


Nearer to thy gracious throne 

May thy Spirit draw my feet, 
Nearer to thy merey-seat, 

Seeing none but thee alone. 

i t> 

HYMNS. 165 


Nearer when the morn shall break, 
Nearer when the sun goes down, 
Let thy loving-kindness crown 

All the way my feet should take. 


Nearer in the crowded day, 
Nearer in the secret place, 
Let the sense of present grace 

In my peaceful bosom stay. 


Nearer when my trembling hand 

Lifts the dreaded cross with fear, 
Though I shed the human tear 

When, bereft, I mutely stand. 


Nearer, Jesus, to thy breast 
As my daily need is more, 
Till thou openest the door 

Leading to the heavenly rest. 


;66 HYMNS. 

LXXVI 7, 6. 

"© mrj soul, faof)B art trjou rjtgqutrtrti baitijtn nu?"— Ps. xlii. u. 


1\ /T Y soul ! why sit forsaken 

In sorrow's darken' d tent? 
Why should thy trust be shaken 
By griefs thy L,ord hath sent? 


It was the love he bore thee 
That led him to the cross : 

That love is ever o'er thee, 

To save thee, soul, from loss. 


Go, climb faith's sacred mountain, 
Unweighted by thy fears ; 

Arise above the fountain 

That feeds the stream of tears; 

HYMNS. 167 


And thou shalt see far over 

The mist that dims thine eyes, 

And then shalt thou discover 
The bow across the skies. 


It is not always raining; 

It is not always night: 
His grace shall shame thy plaining; 

Thy God is always right. 


In lovingness he reigneth 
O'er all his family, 

And whatso he ordaineth 
Is ever best to be. 


Then let thy night of sadness 
Bring in the grateful day, 

And thou shalt walk in gladness 
With Jesus by the way. 


1 68 HYMNS. 


11 ILook unto me, ano be gc sabfoV'— Isaiah xlv. 22. 


*T"^IS but a looking unto Christ 

In penitence and trust, 
And he bestows the grace unpriced 
That counts the sinner just. 


'Tis but a doing of his will, 
The work of faith in love, 

And he the passing days shall fill 
With blessings dream' d not of. 


'Tis but the leaving in his hands 
The morrow with its cares, 

And peace within the bosom stands 
An angel unawares. 

HYMNS. 169 


'Tis but a word of comfort said, 
A simple, kindly deed, — 

Yet 'tis a precious ointment shed 
Upon a soul in need. 


'Tis but the bearing patiently 

The wrongful word, the sneer, 

And love shall turn the enmity 
Of hate's empoison' d spear. 


'Tis but a look of tenderness 
On weepers left behind 

That lingers evermore to bless 
The sad and lonely mind. 


'Tis but the closing of the eye, 
The ceasing of the breath, 

Then comes the hour of victory, 
The triumph over death. 


'Tis but a lifting of the latch 
That fastens glory's door, 



And wondrous sights the eye shall catch 
On heaven's resplendent floor. 


'Twas but an erring child of earth 
With mortal sandals shod : 

Lo ! now, of an immortal birth, 
He lives with Christ in God. 


HYMNS. 171 

LXXVIII. ... 8, 4. 

44 |i?olti tijou mr up, antJ E si^ali be safe." — Ps. cxix. 117. 


T) UILD up, O Lord, a rampart-wall 

Along my way, 
That, journeying onward, I withal 

Go not astray. 


Whene'er the road be rough and steep, 

And I, foot-sore, 
Over the rocks but slowly creep, 

Give strength the more. 


When noon shall pour upon my brow 

Its burning heat, 
Beside the shadowing rock guide Thou 

My faltering feet. 

1 72 HYMNS. 


While walking lonely in the dark, 

No hand in mine, 
Vouchsafe a star, a heavenly spark, 

On me to shine. 


When lost amid a tangled wild 

Of fear and doubt, 
Good Shepherd, seek the erring child 

And lead him out. 


The fruit of earth's forbidden trees 

Let me not taste ; 
Nor lag, nor lie in bowers of ease, 

When I should haste. 


If e'er I meet one overborne 

Or faint of heart, 
May I, instead of careless scorn, 

Good cheer impart. 


Let me not loiter on the edge 

Of any sin, 
Lest, dallying on the slippery ledge, 

My feet slide in. 

HYMNS. 173 


Yet, if unheedingly they slide, 

Thy grace I crave : 
Be thou my rescuer and guide; 

Lord Jesus, save ! 


When I come near, all worn and scarr'd, 

Thy mansions blest, 
Then, Saviour, let me find unbarr'd 

The gate of rest. 


Among the multitudes that throng 

The holy place, 
Be mine to sing in loving song 

Thy sovereign grace. 


Is pJ 

i 7 4 HYMNS. 

LXXIX. . . . S. M. 

"Jfor trjg great mercies, © ILorti, fjrar."— Dan. ix. 18, 19. 


r\ FATHER, for thy love! 
^^^ O Saviour, for thy grace ! 
O Comforter, as heaven above 

Be this thy dwelling-place. 


O for the promised gift ! 
O for the gracious rain ! 
Let not thy church, O Lord, uplift 
Her hungering prayers in vain. 


O for the touch of power ! 
O for the tongues of flame ! 
O for the coming of the hour 
To glorify thy name. 

HYMNS. 175 


O for the tender heart ! 
O for the loving fear ! 
Blest Holy One, the gift impart 
Thy still, small voice to hear. 


Hasten the rising sun ! 
O drive away the night! 
Soon may thy sovereign will be done, 
Thy kingdom come in might. 


1 => ' 

1 76 // YMNS. 


7 ^ 

LXXX 8, 7. 

"get i)c bare tf)c sin of mans."— Isa. liii- 12. 


/^\ THE darkness, the sorrow, 
^^ O the misery of sin ! 
When will dawn the promised morrow 
That shall bring deliverance in? 


One there was ordain' d to languish, 
Guiltless, in Gethsemane : 

One there was who died in anguish, 
Innocent, on Calvary. 


Jesus was the burden-bearer, 

God's own Son the sacrifice, — 

Of the griefs of man the sharer, 
Of his soul the ransom-price. 

HYMNS. 177 


'Tis the Christ, the ever-living, 
Ever-loving, ever-blest, 

By the Comforter still giving 
Pardon, holiness, and rest. 


Can the love so freely given, 

Can the blood so freely shed, 

Fail to draw the earth to heaven, — 
Fail to bring alive its dead? 


Rise, O children of the Father ! 

Stand, ye brothers of the Son, 
In unyielding ranks together 

Till the crown of Christ be won 


Till the lands of sin and sorrow. 
Darker than the ancient night, 

Shall behold the promised morrow 
Beam on them with saving light. 


178 HYMNS. 

LXXXI 8, 9. 

M Caught up into }para'0tse."— 2 Cor. xii. 4. 


T3EF0RE the silver cord be loosed, 
Or e'er the golden bowl be broken, 
By Christ's redeem' d is heard and spoken 

A language ne'er by earthlings used. 


While waiting for his call of grace, 
The links of life as yet unriven, 
A new-created sense is given 

That pierces the immeasured space. 


The spirit, newly clothed upon, 

Out-reaches to the gates eternal, 
And glimpses of the realms supernal 

Eclipse awhile the natural sun. 

HYMNS. 179 


So Stephen saw the Son of man 

At God's right hand enthroned in glory, 
And while with martyr-baptism gory 

His life on high with Christ began. 


And so, through time's on-speeding years, 
Some ripening saints, with favour gifted, 
Anear God's presence have been lifted 

While dwelling in these lower spheres. 


Of old, the shepherds saw on high 

His angels in their bright apparel, 
And heard redemption's wondrous card, 

Alone, beneath the midnight sky. 


If distant glories of the throne 

Transfigure now our earthly mansions, 
What powers, what insights, what expan- 

When we shall know as we are known ! 


i8o HYMNS. 

L/XXXII. . . . 8, 8. 

" £fjou mafust trjc outgoings of trjc morning anti rbrning to sing." 

Ps. lxv. 8. 


~^\AY is waning into shadow; 

Darkness dims the hill and meadow, 
Till the stars light up the even 
As they climb the hills of heaven. 


With its lantern earthward swinging, 
See the firefly heavenward winging ; 
While from crannied wall and thicket 
Comes the carol of the cricket. 


Peace, with hushing finger lifted, 
Cheers the heart by sorrow rifted, 
Pointing to the Comfort-Giver 
And the home beyond the river. 

HYMNS. . 181 


As an island ocean-bounded, 
Lord, thy love hath me surrounded, — 
Love in sunlight, love in showers, 
Bringing precious fruits and flowers. 


Thou hast given from thy treasure 
Bounties more than I can measure: 
Yea, my Father ! not a minute 
But has come with goodness in it. 


Years there were that brought me crosses ; 
Times of pain and grief and losses ; 
Still they carried in their keeping 
Sowing-time and harvest-reaping. 


As the span of life shall lengthen, 
Lord, my faith and patience strengthen : 
Daily to thee bring me nearer, 
Daily to me be thou dearer. 


After thine, O holy Saviour ! 
Pattern'd be my life's behaviour: 
Less of self in all my bearing, 
More for others daily caring. 

1 82 . HYMNS. 


When shall come the soul's undressing, 
May I fall asleep with blessing, 
And await thy call of waking 
When the heavenly day is breaking. 


Past all earthly joy and weeping, 
What a waking after sleeping, 
When the new-born eye beholdeth 
What thy grace, dear Lord, unfoldeth ! 


HYMNS. 183 

LXXXIII 8, 7. 

Eo ttrm tfiat lobe (Goo all things foork totjrtfjer for 3000. 

Rom. viii. 28. 


/^*OLD the bed and hard the pillow, 
Yet the wanderer slept near heaven 

Wild the wind and high the billow, 

Yet the bark was homeward driven. 


Bitter were the tears of sorrow, 

Yet the drops were turn'd to balm 

Darkly loom'd the dreaded morrow, 
Yet it broke in heavenly calm. 


Fiery darts above him flying, 

Yet beneath faith's shield he lay: 

Weary paths before him lying, 

Yet a brook was by the way. 


1 84 HYMNS. 


Heavy seem'd the cross unlifted, 
Yet 'twas light when taken up 

Empty was the rock unrifted, 

Yet a blessing fill'd the cup. 


Fierce the furnace sevenfold heated, 
Yet the Son of God was there : 

By the evil ill-entreated, 

Yet the Lord his sorrow bare. 


Often worn and heavy-laden, 

Yet there came a perfect rest 

When the soul, his promise stay'd on, 

In the Lord was ever blest. 



HYMNS. 185 

LXXXIV 8, 8, 8. 

Goo", faofjo gttifti) us rirfilg all ttiings to rniog. — 1 Tim. vi. 17. 


T7ATHER ! all is of thy giving : 

All of good from thee receiving, 
This the wherefore man is living : 


This the blessedness of being, 
Led by thee, the One All-seeing, 
In the ways of thy decreeing. 


By the power of thy Spirit, 
Only in thy dear Son's merit, 
Daily grace do we inherit. 

On our upward journey going 
In the strength of thy bestowing, 
Building up or overthrowing: 

1 86 HYMNS. 


Overthrowing things of meanness, 
In their prime or budding greenness, 
Pride and passion and uncleanness: 


Evil thought and evil speaking, 
Words with hate and envy reeking, 
Grasping greed and selfish seeking. 


Building not of wood and stubble 
Things that perish like a bubble 
In the day of fiery trouble : 


But of gold and gems the rarest ; 
Stones the strongest and the fairest; 
Earnest deeds for which thou carest: 


Precious gems of love undying; 
Patient, faithful, self-denying ; 
Sturdy stones that stand the trying. 


Not for honours transitory, 
Not for name in passing story, 
But to thy most sovereign glory. 

HYMNS. 187 


Nor of our own wisdom, Master! 
Else we work alone disaster: 
Lord! be thou our life's forecaster. 


This thy children's joy in living, 
Kingly gifts from thee receiving, 

Love and service to thee giving. 




1 88 HYMNS. 


ILrt fjim stt alonr, anto keep stlrnrr, bfrausf %t ijati) lattJ tt upon |tm. 

Lam. iii. 28. 


DE still, my soul ! be still, 

Nor hide thee in the cleft; 
But to thy Father's loving will 
Be thy deliverance left. 


But little dost thou know, 
But little canst thou see 
Of the unfoldings of the plan 
That grasps eternity : 


That holds the child of days, 
That holds the angelic throng, 
And spans the countless worlds that move 
Their starry path along. 

HYMNS. 189 


Yet God will not forget 
The ransom' d of his grace: 
The gift of his beloved Son 
Doth every gift embrace. 


His mercy hovers round 
Thy pathway every hour: 
His loving-kindness is as vast 
As his almighty power. 


Be quieted, my soul ! 
In sweet content abide : 
If night be long, the day will come, 
And thou 'It be satisfied. 


My soul ! bless now the Lord, 

Thy hope, thy rock, thy King! 

Thy Father, Saviour, Comforter, 

E'en in the darkness sing. 


i 9 o HYMNS. 

IvXXXVI 8, 7. 

5 fcotll nuottate also upon all tijn toork, ano muse on tijg ootngs. 

Psalm lxxvii. 12. 


CITTING in the twilight musing 
On the days that come and go, 

Joys and sorrows, interfusing, 
Mingled in a sunset glow : 

All were of the Father's choosing, 
Gifts most fitting to bestow. 


Often had the sun been shining : 

Yet e'en when the day was chill, 

Shower and sunshine, intertwining, 
Rainbows flung from vale to hill, 

And the soul, its self resigning, 
In the peace of God lay still. 


When, the Saviour's voice unheeding, 
In the depths the spirit lies, 

HYMNS. 191 

We see not the ladder leading 
Upward to the holy skies, 

Till the Hand for us once bleeding 
Touch with sight our blinded eyes. 


Evermore the Shepherd careth 

For the gather' d of his fold: ■ 

Still the wandering ones he beareth 
From the darkness and the cold: 

Still he healeth, still he spareth, 
As on earth he did of old. 


O what loving pity bideth 

In the bosom of our Lord ! 

He that in His truth confideth 

Finds the treasure in it stored, 

That for him His grace provideth 
An exceeding great reward. 


Musing in the quiet chamber 

Of the soul at eventide, 
If we stir some ashy ember 

Of a fire that long had died, 

Penitent, may we remember 

Christ our Lord was crucified ! 


• 92 HYMNS 


Jfor trje ©llj ILocj College Celebration, near tfje 0esfjamtng, 
September 5, 1889. 


CTRENGTH of our fathers in the day 

A mighty work upon them lay, 
Which thou hast crown' d with holy fame, 
We bless and magnify thy name. 


A house for thee they builded well : 
Though humblest in all Israel, 
Yet thou didst sanctify as thine 
The prophets' school of lore divine. 


The seed of truth in faith was sown : 
Nurtured of thee, a tree hath grown 
Whose branches overspread the land, 
And thousands in its shadow stand. 

HYMNS. 193 


Its fruits are knowledge, life, and light ; 
Knowledge of thee, so clear, so bright, 
That he whose soul with truth is rife 
Shall find in Christ eternal life. 


That tree, of verdure fresh and fair, 
While mountains stand shall fruitage bear, 
And in the garden of the Lord 
Perennial blessings shall afford. 


Jehovah-jireh ! We adore 
The God whose love provided more 
Than they foreknew who sow'd in tears, 
And reap'd in joy in after years. 


Glory to God ! our voices sing : 

Glory to God ! our praise we bring 

Glory to God ! let all men cry : 

Glory to God ! let heaven reply. 


i 9 4 HYMNS. 


2Tf)f Comfortfr, tfje ^olg Spirit, infjorn tfjc jFatf)cr fcotll scnti in mg 
name, \)t sf)all tract) gou all tfjtngs. — John xiv. 26. 


THJILDER of thy holy church : 

Comforter of all thy saints : 
Guide of all that meekly search : 
Helper of the heart that faints : 
Holy Spirit ! Lord divine ! 
Gracious majesty is thine. 


Dweller in the lowly heart 

Clothed in faith's simplicity, 
Unto us the grace impart 

Of thy loving flock to be. 
Holy Spirit ! day by day 
Guide and keep us in thy way. 


Christ the Lord went up on high : 
Yet in thee he bideth here, 

HYMNS. 195 

Right-hand of Infinity, 

Till in judgment he appear: 
Holy Spirit ! glorify 
Thine eternal majesty. 


Not by works that man can do 

Can the guilt of man be shriven : 
Thou alone ereatest new, 

Grace through thee alone is given : 
Holy Spirit ! give us light 
To discern the truth aright. 

Sanctifier of thy church ! 

Cast out what is not of Thee : 
Let no human touch besmirch 
Thine own temple's purity. 
Holy Spirit ! unto Thee — 
Xot to man — all glory be. 


Arm of everlasting strength, 

Executing God's decrees! 
Victor over all at length, 

Thou wilt bring in perfect peace. 

Holy Spirit ! God of power ! 

Quickly come the glorious hour. 
17 • 1S90. 

i 9 6 HYMNS. 

LXXXIX 6, 8. 

Cfir bright, tf)f jHorning:.Star.— Rev. xxii. 16. 


T^HE bright, the Morning-Star ! 

Forerunner of the day, 
The shadows flee afar 

Before its radiant way ; 
Dawn of an immortal morrow 
On a world redeem 'd from sorrow. 


Its uncreated rays 

Of never-fading sheen — 
An endless day of days 

Without a night between — 
Swifter fly than angel-pinions 
Over measureless dominions. 


The Christ, the Morning-Star! 
How shadowy and how dim 

HYMNS. 197 

The purest jewels are 

Mid light that beams from Him ! 
Brightness of the Father's glory ! 
Thine no radiance transitory. 


O Christ, the Morning-Star, 

How beauteous art Thou ! 
Through heavenly gates ajar 

We catch some glimpses now : 
O the joy, the love, the wonder, 
When we pass the portals yonder! 


How T long eternity ! 

Yet not a foot will tire, 
No hand hang wearily, 
And not a joy expire : 
Eye undimm'd and soul unsated 
E'er will find new joys created. 


O Morning-Star! the light 

That lighteth every man, 

Dispel the shades of night 

That fell when sin began. 

Shine on all, O Star supernal ! 

Dayspring of the life eternal. 


i 9 8 HYMNS 


A Rendering in the Original Metre of the Latin Hymn of 

Thomas of Celano. 


T^\AY of wrath ! the day that endeth 
Time, the world ablaze, impendeth 
So old prophecy portendeth. 


What the trembling consternation 
When the Judge of all creation 
Comes for strict investigation ! 


Lo ! the startling trumpet, swelling, 
Through the graves its blast impelling, 
Man before the throne is knelling ! 


Struck aghast both Death and Nature, 
When upcometh every creature 
To the dreaded judicature. 

HYMNS. 199 


Bringing forth the Book indited, 
All the world's misdeeds recited 
Rightfully will be requited. 


When the Judge his seat assume th, 
What is secret he illumeth ; 
None escaping whom he doometh. 


Woe is me ! what exculpation ? 

Who can proffer mediation 

Since the just scarce find salvation? 


King of majesty astounding ! 

With thy grace thine own surrounding, 

Save me, Fount of love abounding ! 


Holy Lord ! recall thy yearning 
E'en when I thy ways was spurning: 
Keep me on that day of burning ! 


Waiting, weary, me thou soughtest: 
On the cross my soul thou boughtest : 
Xot in vain be work thou wroughtest ! 


2oo HYMNS. 


Judge avenging ! with contrition 
I entreat thy full remission 
Ere that day of inquisition ! 


Wailing, as one self-accusing, 
Guilt my crimson 'd face suffusing, 
Spare me, L,ord ! of thy good choosing 


Maty was by thee forgiven, 

And by thee the thief was shriven : 

Let not hope from me be driven. 


Worthless all my prayers ascending, 
Yet, thy grace benign extending, 
Save me from the fires unending ! 


With thy sheep infold me ever 

At thy right-hand, wandering never: 

From the goats my portion sever. 


When the wicked, self-confounded, 
Are by angry flames surrounded, 
Be my name with blessing sounded. 

HYMNS. 201 


Prostrate, for thy mercy crying, 
Heart as if in ashes lying, 
Care for me when I am dying. 

On that tearful dav of terror, 

At the fiery resurrection 
Judging man for sinful error, 

God, grant this one thy protection ! 

O kind Jesus, Lord and Saviour, 

Give to them thy restful favour ! 



202 HYMNS. 

XCI S,y. 

En mo JFatfjcr's fjousc arc manrj mansions. — John xiv. 2. 


l\JO tears for those whose feet have pass'd 

Within the golden portals, 
Away their dusty garments cast 

For robes of the immortals. 


Out of the depths no more they cry, 
They sing upon the mountains ; 

No more in thirsty lands they sigh, 
They drink of living fountains. 


They look upon the face of One, 
Whom they had loved unseeing, 

Who loved them in the ages gone, 
Before they were in being. 


No idling part is theirs to fill 

In that high realm of splendor : 

They go and come as God shall will 
And loving sen-ice render. 

HYMNS. 203 


At his behest, to sun or star 

They speed on viewless pinions, 

To do his bidding near or far 

Throughout his wide dominions. 


The trees of sinless knowledge grow 

In fields forever vernal : 
The streams of love anear them flow 

Unfathom'd and eternal. 


No days will measure holy time, 
No Sabbath once in seven ; 

The bells of gladness always chime 
In every heart in heaven. 


No lassitude will numb the brain, 
No heart nor hand grow weary; 

No tear, no sigh, nor any pain, 
No night, no tempest dreary. 


From mansions in that Paradise, 

With Jesus Christ forever, 

Would we our parted ones entice 

To earth again ? — No ! never ! 


2o 4 HYMNS. 

XCII 7-8,8,7. 

Z.\)t liaD is tttnr, tf)r mgf)t also is tfjinc. — Ps. lxxiv. 16. 


TORD of night as of the day! 
^~^ While the lingering twilight paleth 
And the evening-star prevaileth, 
Quietly I muse and pray. 


Great thy goodness, Lord ! how wide ! 
For thy loving-kindness twineth 
Round each ray of light that shineth 

From the morn till eventide. 


When the night is going by 
Dewdrops gather without number, 
So in my unconscious slumber 

Countless blessings round me lie. 


Spread thy sheltering wing to-night ; 

Let me sleep beneath its cover, 

While unseen the angels hover 

Near me till the morning light. 


HYMNS. 205 


Come noli), anlJ let us rfason together, sattl) tfjc ILortJ : though nour 
sins be as scarlet, tfjcg shall be as turjtte as snoto. — Isa. i. 18, 



DID not ask the reason why 
The Lord of life came here to die 
Until I found I needed one 
To do what Jesus Christ hath done. 


A lonely traveller in the dark, 
The way unlighted by a spark, 

I stumbled onward with a dole 
Of sin and sorrow in my soul. 


The burden that within me lay 

I saw not how to put away, 

Till one unseen spake tenderly, 

4 'Take up thy cross and follow me." 

2o6 HYMNS. 


I took the cross he bade me take, 
To bear it for his gracious sake : 

A willing power unknown before 
Each passing day possess' d me more. 


The hand that made me strong was such 
I scarcely felt its gentle touch : 

To do his will, it was no cross; 

To follow him, it was no loss. 


That loving one who spake to me, 
The very God in Christ is he ! 

O that the world would ask him w T hy 

The Lord of life came here to die. 



HYMNS. 207 


Ccfjolo, tfjg liinrj comrtf) unto tf)ce.— Matt, xxi. 5. 


A GLADSOME heart is mine this day ; 
My thoughts within me sing ; 
A welcome guest has come to stay : 
'Tis Jesus Christ, my King ! 


My house — an humble place it is — 

May be with little stored, 
Yet it and all therein are his, 

For he is Christ, my Lord. 


He does not come, that Master mine, 

To tarry for a night, 
For shelter at the day's decline, 

To go at morning light. 


2o8 HYMNS. 


Nor does he as a king come in, 

Although my King is he : 
He comes as one of brother-kin 

With brother's grace for me. 


He always gave me good for ill, 
And I ashamed could hide; 

Yet more than brother is he still, 
My Father, Saviour, Guide. 


How mean my barely-furnish'd rooms 
For such a \ gracious guest! 

But at his touch a tent becomes 
A palace of the blest : 


A palace on the border-line 

Betwixt the earth and skies, 

Where in its windows light doth shine 
Across from Paradise. 


O Christ, my King ! I cannot tell 

Why such a thing can be, 
That thou wilt deign with me to dwell, 

As one beloved of thee ! 


HYMNS. 209 

xcv. : ... s, 7. 

2Tfir fool fjatf) £5ato in fjts fjcart, STfjfrf is no <&oTj. — Ps. xiv. 1. 


T^RIFTING on a lawless ocean, 

Toss'd by random-roving gales, 
Not a helm to guide the motion, 
Not a hand to trim the sails: 


All uncertain whence or whither, 
Not a reckoning ever made, 

Sweeping ever hither-thither, 

Not a course by compass laid 


Not a log the speed to measure, 
Not a lookout on the mast; 

Moving on at chance's pleasure, 
Yet to leeward trending fast: 

2io HYMNS, 


Not a rock or shoaling charted, 

None to cast the warning lead, 

Sunlight, starlight, both departed, 
Fog around and overhead : 


Not a cable nor an anchor, 

Ballast shifting as she sways. 

Sheathing eaten off by canker, 

Rotting ratlins, shrouds and stays 


Hatches broken, timbers creaking, 
Pumps dismantled, lifeboat gone, 

Water through the seams a-leaking, 
Creeping upward on and on : 


Not a master to direct her, 

Not a watch to walk her deck, 

Not a pilot to protect her, 

Not another craft at beck : 


What the fate of such a vessel 

Wandering over unknown deeps, 

When with storm she comes to wrestle, 
When on her a cyclone sweeps? 

HYMNS. 2 1 1 


What can help her as she drive th 

Through the breakers on the rock ? 

Who can rescue when she riveth 
Into fragments by the shock ? 


Such the man who, God denying, 
Launches out into the night, 

On himself alone relying ; 

Not on Him who guideth right; 


Man who puffs at God, his Master, 
As if God in Christ were not: 
What for him but dread disaster? 

What but wreck his certain lot? 




2i2 HYMNS. 

XCVI 7's. 

Crjrtst sfjall rrign for rbcr ant) cbcr.— Rev. xi. 15. 


TIT HO shall reign if not the Christ ? 

Who can wield his wand of power? 
Can the might of man suffice 

To uphold the spheres an hour? 


Who but Christ can seek and save? 

Who but he our pardon win? 
Who but he can bridge the grave 

Heavenward from a world of sin ? 


Who but Christ, the only Way, 
Only Truth, and only Life, 

Out of darkness brings the day, 

Love and peace for woe and strife ? 


Christ his kingship will maintain : 
Every knee to him shall bow ! 
Glorious will be his reign : 

Lord ! reveal thy glory now ! 


HYMNS. 213 

XCVII 8, 5. 

53rl)oltJ, E stanti at tije Door anti fenocfc.— Rev. iii. 20. 


"\ 1 TYLO is he, my soul ! that standeth 

At thine outer door ? 
What is it that he demandeth, 
Knocking evermore? 


In the night and in the morning, 
And through all the day ; 

It may be a friendly warning, 
Else why should he stay ? 


Surely 'tis no jester, mocking 

With a false alarm : 
There is something in the knocking 

That forewarneth harm. 

2i4 HYMNS. 


'Tis perchance a friend appealing, 
For he gently knocks : 

Not a robber, bent on stealing 
Spite of bar and locks. 


Hear his voice, " Lo ! I am waiting, 
Waiting long have been: 

Open wide the door and grating ; 
Let thy Master in ! 


M From my locks the drops are falling, 
Drops of midnight dew : 
I am waiting, I am calling, 
Lingering soul! for you!" 


Jesus Christ, the King, in waiting ! 

Christ, the Lord of all ! 
And I, fearful, hesitating 

To obey his call ! 


Wondrous patience ! love stupendous ! 

Standing at thy door, 
O my soul ! thy loss tremendous 

If he knock no more. 

HYMNS. 215 


Lo ! the hinges, set and rusty, 

All my efforts mock; 
And these bolts, disused and dusty, 

How can I unlock? 


Help me, Lord ! I humbly pray thee 

For thy mercy's sake : 
Even- barrier that would stay thee 

Give me strength to break. 


— <^$y& — , 

2i6 HYMNS. 


Ei)t ban of man is not (n fjt'msclf : it is not in man ttjat malfutf) to 
Xiixtct \)is steps.— Jer. x. 23. 


T TOW prone my hasty feet to stray 
Where fallen angels trod, 

To shape for mine own self a way 
And be myself my God. 


How oft, Most High ! I went about 
As though I plann'd my lot; 

Thee, Sovereign Master ! leaving out 
As if thou ruledst not. 


When cloudlessly the sun came up, 
'Twas at my beck it shone: 

When blessings brimm'd my daily cup, 
My hand the boon had won. 

HYMNS. 217 


When troubles came, my willing back 

I bent to take the load, 
And stubbornly I bore the pack 

Along my chosen road. 


How oft I nurtured infant cares 
Till the}- became full grown ; 

How oft usurp' d thine own affairs 
To manage as mine own. 


O Lord ! my heart is slow to learn 

Faith's simple alphabet, 
And dimly does my mind discern 

The lessons thou dost set. 


O ! take my wilful self from me, 

And give me, Lord ! instead, 

The mind that, trusting all to thee, 

Submissively is led. 


2i8 HYMNS. 

XCIX 7's. 

Cttngs infjtct) fK^s sail) not, anti ears rjcarti not.— i Cor. ii. 9. 


T^\0 the blest in Paradise, 

Crown' d with the immortal birth, 
Sometimes bend their earnest eyes 

To the loved ones on the earth? 


From the starry battlements 

Do they spy the land away, 

Where they dwelt in fragile tents, 
Habited in robes of clay? 


Do they, by permissive grace, 
To their olden home repair, 

Take unseen their custom' d place 
In the seeming empty chair? 

HYMNS. 219 


Hidden from us, do they walk 
Noiselessly beside us here, 

And in silent whispers talk 

In the soul's receptive ear? 


As the fanning of a wing 

O'er a wan and fever' d brow, 

Do they from its gardens bring 
Eden's zephyrs even now? 


Are they sent to drive afar 

Things of darkness in the night, 

While the bright, the Morning-Star 

Fills the soul with peace and light? 


In the book of God are lines 

That no eye hath power to scan : 

At his pleasure, his designs 

He unfoldeth unto man. 



22o HYMNS. 

C 6, 4. 

JTor \)c is ILorti of lorSs anfc I&tng of kings.— Rev. xvii. 14. 


A yTY song of songs shall be 
A hymn of praise to thee, 

O Christ my King ! 
Thy Father's gracious Son, 
Thy church's precious one, 
In whom its heaven is won, 

O Christ my King ! 


How wondrous 'tis that God 
In thee this earth hath trod, 

O Christ my King ! 
Divine effulgence thou, 
His impress on thy brow, 
To him in thee I bow, 

O Christ my King! 


Thou Lord of grace divine, 
What lovingness is thine, 
O Christ my King ! 

HYMNS. 221 

Thou foilest Satan's arts, 
Thou healest broken hearts, 
All good thy hand imparts, 
O Christ my King ! 


In heaven I've none but thee: 
In earth be all to me, 

O Christ my King! 
Thy service my delight, 
So glorious and so bright, 
My joy shall have no night, 

O Christ my King ! 


Thy kingdom shall remain ; 

Ne'er shall thy glory wane, 

O Christ my King ! 

Old earth shall pass away, 

Its sovereigns turn to clay, 

Eternal is thy sway, 

O Christ my King ! 


222 HYMNS. 

CI 8, 5. 

%ty satti mttfjtn fjerself, Ef £ mag fcut toucfj f)ts garment, 1: sfjall 
be totjole. — Matt. ix. 21. 


>HTIS the Master standing yonder 

'Mid the pressing throng: 
Some look on his face in wonder, 
Others pass along. 


He is teaching on the highways 

In the Holy Name, 
Healing sufferers in the byways, 

Palsied, blind, and lame. 


E'en the dead becomes the living 
On the road to Nain : 

Everywhere his hand is giving 
Help to souls in pain. 

HYMNS. 223 


How my heart to him is reaching ! 

More than man is he : 
Gracious lessons he is teaching; 

O how sweet to me ! 


O that I might kneel before him, 

With my feet unshod ! 
Trust him, love him, and adore him 

As my Lord and God. 


Many years afflicted, needy, 
Spent is all my store : 

If I find not succour speedy 
Hope is mine no more. 


Long so friendless, homeless, lonely, 

Nothing can I pay : 
I will touch his garment only, 

And will go my way. 


If I touch him, will he chide me? 

Will he help deny? 
In the crowd I'll seek to hide me: 

I must touch or die ! 


224 HYMNS. 


Blessing from his garment floweth, 

Even from its hem ! 
All its love my heart bestoweth : 

Will he this contemn? 


He who giveth living water 

When the heart is riven, 
Healeth me, and saith : "My daughter! 

Go in peace, forgiven." 


HYMNS. 225 

CII 8, 7. 

f^e is tfjc propitiation for our sins : anti not for ours onlrj, but also 
for trje tnfjalc foorlto. — 1 John ii. 2. 


\\ THO the love of God can measure? 

Who dare set to him a bound ? 
Countless is the sum of treasure 
In the heavenly coffers found. 


Who would say, Thus far, no farther? 

Who would clip the wings of grace? 
Shall we not to all men rather 

Tell how wide is God's embrace? 


Shall we, lingering in Judea, 

To Samaria be dumb? 
Tell to none save in Berea 

Whosoever will may come? 

226 HYMNS. 


Are there some beyond his pity? 

Has his heart no room for more? 
Shall we round his holy city 

Build a wall without a door? 


Can we, in our fair apparel, 

Sit content in churches dim, 

Hearing sermon, prayer, and carol, 
And the world so far from him? 


Is the Holy Spirit waiting 

Till the church forsaketh sin, — 
Dagons of its self-creating 

Casting down ere he come in? 


With the harvest ripe for reaping, 
Shall the golden grain be lost? 

Is it fitting time for sleeping 
At the eve of Pentecost? 


L,o ! another century passes 

Shortly through the hundredth gate 
Must the world's ungather'd masses 

Wander till the hour too late? 



L. M. 

A /T Y righteous God ! O hear my call : 
For thou, of old, didst not forbear 
Deliverance in my sore distress ; 

O pity me, and hear my prayer. 

Ye sons of man ! how long will ye 
Pervert my glory into shame, — 

Ye that love falsehood, seeking lies, 
To bring dishonour on my name? 

But know, Jehovah for himself 

Hath set his chosen ones apart ; 

And when I call on him, he hears 

The cry that rises from my heart. 


228 PSALMS. 

O rage no more, and cease from sin : 

Communing with your heart, be still : 

Right sacrifices offer up, 

And trust ye in Jehovah's will. 

The many say, "O that we might 

The time of good and plenty see !' 

Lift thou, O Lord ! on us the light 
Of thine own presence graciously. 

Thou hast put gladness in my heart, 

More than they have from corn and wine 

In peace will I lie down and sleep, 

Thou, Lord, alone preservest thine. 


PSALMS. 229 


Verses 1-3, 7, 8, it, 12. 

C. M. 

/^IYE ear unto my words, O Lord! 

And heed my yearning sigh : 
My King, my God ! O hear my voice, 

For unto thee I cry. 

And in the morning, thou, O Lord, 
Shalt hear my voice arise : 

At dawn will I set forth my prayer, 
And wait with watching eyes. 

Through thy great loving-kindness, in 
Thy house will I appear. 

And toward thy holy temple, Lord, 
Will worship in thy fear. 

Lord, guide me in thy righteousness, 
So foes may rage in vain ; 

And make thy way before my face 
Lie open as a plain. 

2 3 o PSALMS. 

Let them be glad and shout for joy 
That refuge take in thee : 

Defend thou them that love thy name, 
And let them joyful be. 

Unto the righteous man, O Lord, 

Thy blessings e'er abound: 
With favour dost thou compass him 

As with a shield around. 


PSALMS. 231 

C. M. 

r\ LORD, our Lord ! in all the earth 
^^^ Thy name how excellent ! 
O let thy glory be inscribed 
Above the firmament ! 

Out of the mouth of very babes 
And sucklings dost thou build 

A tower of strength by which the wrath 
Of vengeful foes is still' d. 

When I behold thy heavens, O Lord, 

Thy finger- work divine, — 
The moon and stars which thou hast set 

In their high place to shine, — 

What is a mortal man, that him 

Thou in thy mind shouldst bear? 

Or what a son of Adam's race, 

That thou for him shouldst care? 


232 PSALMS. 

But little lower made than God, 
With fear and glory crown' d, 

Dominion hast thou given to him 
Over thy works around ; 

Under his feet the creatures placed, 
The flocks and herds, yea all ; 

And on the wild beasts of the field 
His fear is made to fall : 

The airy birds, the restless fish 

That through the waters sweep, 

And whatsoever glideth through 
The pathways of the deep. 

O Lord, our Lord ! in all the earth 
Thy w T ord of power didst frame, 

How excellent the glory is 
Of thine eternal name ! 


PSALMS. 233 

L. M. 

VITHY standest thou far off, O Lord? 

Why hide thy face in troublous days ? 
The oppressor hotly hunts thy poor, 
And snares the men of lowly ways. 

He praises yet despises God, 

What time his soul has won its greed : 
There is ?io God in all his thoughts : 

The wicked saith, He will not heed ! 

His ways are strong and prosperous : 

Thy judgments high above his sight ; 

As for his adversaries all, 

He puffs at them in scornful spite. 

He saith, / never shall be moved ; 

From age to age shall I be strong. 
Deceit and cursing fill his mouth, 

Mischief and wrong beneath his tongue. 

234 PSALMS. 

He in the lurking-places hides : 
The innocent he slayeth there : 

He waits in secret for his prey, 
A lion crouching in his lair. 

He lurks until he catches them ; 

The lowly in his net he draws ; 
Ensnared, they faint, and hopeless fall 

A prey within his cruel jaws. 

He saith, Their God remember eth not ; 

For He his face hath covered o'er I — 
He saith it in his secret heart — 

He will 710 1 see forevermore. 

Arise, Jehovah ! Lift thou up 

Thy hand of wrath, Almighty God ! 

Forget not them that suffer wrong, 
The lowly ones on whom he trod. 

Why doth the oppressor dare contemn 

The righteous God ? Why hath he thought 

Within his heart that thou wilt not 

Avenge the anguish he hath w r rought? 

Yet thou hast seen ! And in thy hand 
The grief, the trouble, thou dost take : 

With thee the wretched leave th it, 

The orphan' d thou wilt not forsake. 

PSALMS. 235 

Lord ! shatter thou the oppressor's arm ; 

And as for the malignant one, 
Search out, till, of his wickedness, 

Unrecompensed thou findest none. 

Jehovah evermore is King ! 

The heathen perish from his land ! 
Thou, Lord ! hast heard the lowly cry, 

And thou wilt hold them in thy hand. 

Thine ear will hear, thy hand defend, 
The helpless and the fatherless; 

And man, of dust, shall nevermore 

Contemn thee, and thy poor oppress. 


2n , 

236 PSALMS. 


7, 6. 

THE heavens declare the glory 
Of their creator God ; 
The firmament revealeth 
His handiwork abroad. 

Day unto day outpoureth 

Its speech in silent praise, 

And night to night is breathing 
The knowledge of his ways. 

Though speech be uot, nor language, - 
Their voice none comprehend, — 

Through earth their power extendeth, 
Their words go to its end. 

A tent far in the heavens 

He setteth for the sun, 
And there his rest he taketh 

What time the day is done. 

PSALMS. 237 

He like a bridegroom steppeth 
Forth from his resting-place, 

And boundeth like a warrior 
Again to run his race. 

From heaven's extreme he speedeth 
Its circuit to complete ; 

And there is nothing hidden 
From his resistless heat. 

Jehovah's law is perfect, 

The soul it rectifies; 
And true his testimony, 

The simple making wise. 

Right are Jehovah's precepts; 

They cause the heart to sing ; 
And clear is his commandment, 

The eyes enlightening. 

His fear-compelling glory 

Forever shall endure ; 
And righteous are his statutes, 

Their truthfulness is sure : 

Than gold more to be sought for, 
Fine gold that mines entomb, 

238 PSALMS. 

And sweeter than the honey 

That droppeth from the comb. 

Thy servant is instructed 

By them, most gracious Lord, 

And in the keeping of them 
There is a great reward. 

So high thy law, so holy, 

Who, of himself, can learn, 

With all his inner searching, 
His errors to discern ? 

From faults unconscious clear me, 
And make me pure within ; 

Keep back thy servant also 

From all presumptuous sin. 

Let it not have dominion, 

Then blameless I shall be, 

And from the great transgression 
Thy grace shall hold me free. 

My Rock and my Redeemer ! 

Before thee be each word 

And each heart-whisper' d musing 

Acceptable, O Lord. 


PSALMS. 239 


7, 6. 

A REFUGE and a fortress, 
Our God is on our side, 
A very present helper 

When trouble doth betide. 

Therefore, though earth be shaken, 

Our souls will never fear, 
Though in the heart of oceans 

The mountains disappear. 

What though the troubled waters 
In roaring foam shall break, 

And their tumultuous swelling 

Shall make the mountains quake : 

The Lord of hosts is with us, 

Our refuge and our strength, 

2 4 o PSALMS. 

There is a heavenly river 

Whose streams shall never dry, 
That gladdeneth God's city, 

The place of the Most High. 

God in the midst of Zion 
Is evermore her stay ; 

Her he will help right early, 
E'en at the dawn of day. 

The nations roar'd, the kingdoms 

Were riven to their base, 
And when his voice he utter' d 

The earth did melt apace. 

The Lord of hosts is with as, 

Our refuge and our strength, 

Behold Jehovah's doings, 

What wonders he hath wrought, 
What awe-pervading silence 

On earth his hand hath brought. 

The wars among the nations 
His word compels to cease, 

And earth to all its borders 
He quieteth with peace. 

PSALMS. 241 

The warrior's bow he shivers. 
The spear asunder rends ; 

The chariots he burnetii 
Amid the fire he sends. 

Be still ; and know, ye nations, 

That I am God alone, 
And I will be exalted 

O'er every land and throne. 

The Lord of hosts is with us, 

The God of Jacob is 
Our refuge a?id our fortress : 

Be glory alway his ! 



242 PSALMS. 

C. M. 

/^\NLY in silence wait on God: 
^^^ My soul ! thy help is He ; 
My rock, salvation, and defence, 
Unshaken I shall be. 

How long will ye assail a man 

And hunt him as a prey, 
Till he become a tottering wall, 

A fence that giveth way? 

Their only thought to thrust him down, 

In lies is their delight : 
While blessing with the mouth, their heart 

Doth curse with hidden spite. 

Only in silence wait, my soul ! 

My hope in God alone, 
My rock, salvation, and high tower, 

I shall not be o'erthrown. 

PSALMS. 243 

My glory and my help is God, 
My safeguard from all harm ; 

My refuge and my rock of strength 
Is his almighty arm. 

O put your trust in him ahvay, 

Ye people who are his : 
Pour out your heart before your God, 

For he our refuge is. 

Only a breath are men ; the sons 

Of nobly-born a lie ; 
For in the balance they go up, 

A breath of vanity. 

Trust not in wrong, nor vainly boast 

The crafty spoiler's art; 
And if your riches grow apace, 

On them set not your heart. 

One thing hath God himself declared, — 
Yea, two things have I heard, — 

That power belongeth unto God ! 
Yet grace is in this word ; 

For loving-kindness, Lord, is thine, 

While justice rules thy thought; 

Thou renderest to even- man 

As he his work hath wrought. 


244 PSALMS. 

C. M. 

DOW down thine ear to me, O Lord ! 

In mercy answer me : 
Distress' d and needy, keep my soul, 

As one beloved by thee. 

O thou, my God ! thy servant save 
That trusteth thee in all : 

Be gracious unto me, O Lord ! 
So all day long I call. 

Thy servant's soul make glad, O Lord! 

That thee I may extol ; 
For, O Jehovah ! unto thee 

Do I lift up my soul. 

How good and ready to forgive ! 

How plenteous in grace 
And loving-kindness unto all 

That seek, O Lord, thy face. 

PSALMS. 245 

Give ear, Jehovah ! to my prayer 

That goeth forth to thee, 
And to my supplicating voice 

Attend thou graciously. 

My heart cries out to thee alone 
When days of sorrow lower, 

For thou wilt surely answer me 
In tribulation's hour. 

Yea, there is none like unto thee 
Among the gods, not one ! 

Like thine there are no works, O Lord ! 
The works thy hand hath done. 

All nations, Lord ! which thou hast made 
Shall come and worship thee, 

And they shall glorify thy name, 
So great exceedingly. 

For thou art great, and wondrous works 
Wrought by thy mighty hand 

Show thou alone art God, whose throne 
Eternally shall stand. 

Teach me thy way, and may thy truth 

My daily goings frame, 
And knit my heart to thee, O Lord, 

So I may fear thy name. 

246 PSALMS. 

With my whole heart, O Lord my God, 
I give thee thanks and praise, 

And I will glorify thy name 
Through everlasting days. 

Thy loving-kindness is so great 

I cannot set its bound: 
My soul thou hast deliver'd from 

The depths beneath the ground. 

Against me, Lord ! the proud have risen, 

And men of violence, 
Who set not thee before their eyes, 

Have sought to drive me hence. 

But thou, Lord ! art the mighty God, 

Compassionate and kind, 
Long-suffering and full of truth, 

And gracious is thy mind. 

Turn thee to me, thy favour show, 
And make thy servant strong: 

The son of thy handmaiden save 
From men of guile and wrong. 

Show me a token, Lord, for good, 
That those w T ho hate may see 
And be ashamed, because thy hand 

Hath cheer' d and holpen me. 


PSALMS. 247 


5. 6 - 

TT is a good thing 

To give thanks to the Lord, 
To sing to thy praise 
In a tuneful accord : 

Thy love to show forth 

In the morning, Most High ! 
Thy faithfulness also 

As night goeth by : 

On the ten-stringed lute 

And the tremulent lyre, 

While rapturous musings 
The harp doth inspire. 

By thy doings, Jehovah ! 

Thou gladdenest me : 
By the work of thy hands 

I am joyful in Thee. 


248 PSALMS. 

Thy doings how great ! 

And thy thoughts how profound ! 
The brutish know not, 

Nor can a fool sound. 

When the wicked spring up 

As the grass after rain, 
And the workers of evil 

Do prosper amain, 

'Tis that, in due time, 

They shall wither and die: 

But thou, O Jehovah ! 
Art ever Most High. 

Thine enemies perish 

As things of unworth, 
And they that w r ork evil 

Are scatter' d on earth. 

My horn thou hast raised 

As the wild ox's horn: 
Fresh oil of anointing 

My head doth adorn. 

Mine eyes shall behold, 

And mine ear also hear, 

The wicked waylayers 
Dispersing in fear. 

PSALMS. 249 

The righteous shall blossom 
Like a palm in its pride, 

And grow like the cedars 
On Lebanon's side: 

For they that be planted 

Where thou art adored 
Shall spring up and bloom 

In the courts of the Lord. 

In hoary old age 

They shall still ripen fruit; 
Fat and green they shall be, 

Full of sap from the root. 

For Jehovah is upright : 

My stronghold is He : 
Yea, righteous forever 

Jehovah will be ! 


250 PSALMS. 



T7 VERMORE Jehovah reigneth ! 

He is clothed with majesty : 
He the worlds of worlds sustaineth 
Bv the laws his will ordaineth : 

Girt about with strength is He ! 

Naught can shake his throne of glory, 

Stablish'd on infinity: 
Let the floods lift up their roaring, 
Billows over billows pouring, 

Glorious in his might is He ! 

Mightier is the Lord Jehovah 

Than the breakers of the sea : 
Let them shout with voice of thunder, 
Let them dash on rocks asunder, 
Lord omnipotent is He ! 

Steadfast are thy testimonies, 

Sure through all eternity : 
In them truth its fullness summeth : 
Holiness thy house becometh, 

Lord, forever ! Praise to Thee ! 





L. M. 

JEHOVAH reigns ! Let earth rejoice ; 
And let the multitude of isles 
Be glad, and sing with tuneful voice, 
And nature's face be clad in smiles. 

Though clouds and darkness from afar 
Are round about his presence known, 

Yet righteousness and judgment are 
The habitation of his throne. 

A fire before him goes, and burns 
His enemies on even' side ; 

His lightnings flash ; and earth by turns 
Beholds and trembles in its pride. 

The hills before his presence melt, 

Like wax before the furious flame ; 

His presence by the earth is felt 

Who built her everlasting frame. 

2 5 2 PSALMS. 

The heavens declare his righteousness, 
The people all his glory see ; 

While they who serve the images, 

And boast in them, confounded be. 

Then Zion heard, and she was glad ; 

The daughters of Judea sang 
Rejoicingly, and through the land 

The praises of thy judgments rang. 

For thou, O Lord ! above the earth 
Art high ; thou art exalted far 

Above the kings of mortal birth, 

Though lofty their aspirings are. 

Hate evil, ye that love the Lord, 

For he preserves the saintly soul ; 

And every danger he will ward, 

And save from wicked men's control. 

On righteous men shall light arise, 

Like morning breaking o'er the hills; 

And hope shall kindle in their eyes, 
While holy mirth their bosom fills 

Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord ! 

Give thanks before his presence now; 
In memory of his faithful word 

And holiness, give thanks, and bow. 


PSALMS. 253 


C. M. 

TTO, all ye lands ! right joyfully 

Shout to the Lord your King : 
Serve him with gladness, and before 
His gracious presence sing. 

Know ye the Lord is God indeed : 

He made us: his we are, 
His people ; we the folded flock 

Within the shepherd's care. 

O go your way into his gates, 

And glad thanksgivings raise ; 

Enter into his courts with songs, 
The songs of joyful praise. 

Give thanks to him and bless his name, 

For always good is He ! 

His loving-kindness and his truth 

Endure eternally. 


254 PSALMS. 



LIFT my longing eyes 
Up to the hills in vain: 
Whence shall my help arise 

In time of want and pain? 

My help is from the Lord 

Who gave all creatures birth, 
And by his forming word 

Created heaven and earth. 

No lurking enemy 

Thy foot shall turn astray, 
For he that keepeth thee 

Will slumber not for aye. 

Behold, he who in love 
Doth Israel ever keep, 
His watchfulness shall prove, 
And slumber not nor sleep. 

PSALMS. 255 

Thy keeper is the Lord, 
Jehovah is thy shade 
On thy right hand : his word 
Thy sure defence is made. 

By day the fervid sun 

Thy head shall never smite, 
Nor shall the sickly moon 
Assail thee in the night. 

Preserving thee from harm, 
All evil he'll control; 
And his most gracious arm 

Shall e'er preserve thy soul. 

When thou dost outward go, 
His grace shall go before; 
In coming in also, 

Now and forevermore. 



256 PSALMS. 

C^L ** /- 


C. M. 

WILL extol thee every day, 
My God, O glorious King; 
And I will bless thy name for aye, 
Thy praise forever sing. 

Great is the Lord and wonderful, 
And greatly to be praised : 

His greatness is unsearchable, 
Beyond the heavens raised. 

One generation, praising thee, 

Shall testimony bear 
Unto the next, and wonderingly 

Thy mighty acts declare. 

The honour of thy majesty, 

Thy wonders I'll proclaim; 

Thine acts of terror men shall see 
And glorify thy name. 

PSALMS. 257 

The memory of thy goodness they 
Shall utter far and wide ; 

Thy righteousness from day to day 
Shall sing on every side. 

The Lord is gracious; full of kind 

Compassion: he is slow 
To anger, and his holy mind 

Is great in mercy too. 

The Lord our God is good to all, 
For all are in his thought ; 

His tender mercies richly fall 
On all that he hath wrought. 

Thy works shall praise thee evermore, 
And thee thy saints shall bless ; 

Thy kingdom's glory and thy power 
To all the world confess; 

Thy mighty acts that all may know 

Among the sons of men, 
Thy kingdom's majesty to show 

To every creature's ken. 

An everlasting kingdom's thine, 
And thy dominion sure 

258 PSALMS. 

Throughout all generations' time 
Shall everywhere endure. 

The Lord upholdeth all that fall, 
The bow'd with sorrow riven; 

While on thee wait the eyes of all, 
Their meat is duly given. 

Thou openest thy hand of grace, 

And thou dost satisfy 
The wants of all in every place 

Who for thy presence cry. 

The Lord is righteous in his ways, 

His works are holy all: 
He's nigh to those that love his praise, 

And on him truly call. 

The strong desire he will fulfil 
Of them that fear his name: 

He hears their cry, and he will still 
Save them from harm and shame. 

The Lord preserveth them from harm 
Who love him as their joy, 

But wicked men his wrathful arm 
Will utterly destroy. 

PSALMS. 259 

My mouth shall joyfully proclaim 

His praise from day to day : 
Let all flesh bless his holy name 

Forever and for aye. 


r~> .05 ^-^ 

r V 


h. M. 

A LL praise to Thee, the Holy One, 
^ The Holy Father, Holy Son, 
And Holy Spirit ! Thou alone 
Art King on the eternal throne. 

C. M. 

r\ HOLY, holy, holy Lord, 
^ The Father and the Son 
And Holy Ghost ! Be thou adored 
While endless ages run. 

S. M. 

T) ESIDE Thee there is none : 
Eternal God and King, 

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Thy glorious praise we sing. 




THY love, Holy Father, 

Thy grace, O Holy Son, 
Thy peace, O Holy Spirit, 

Thy church abide upon : 
While she her voice upraises 

To thine eternal throne, 
And chants in endless praises 

Glory to God alone. 


/^LORY be to God the Father: 
Vjr Halleluiah ! 

Glory be to God the Son, 
Halleluiah ! 

And to God the Holy Spirit, 
Halleluiah ! 

In eternal being one ! 
Halleluiah ! 

May his kingdom come in power; 
Halleluiah ! 

And his holy will be done : 
Halleluiah ! 

Halleluiah in the highest ! 
Halleluiah evermore ! 

262 /)()X0/.0(,7/<:S. 


/^LORY to Thee evermore! 
^^ Glory in the uttermost ! 
Heaven and earth thy name adore, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

8, 7, 4- 

/^LORY in the highest! glory! 
^"^ Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: 
King eternal ! we adore thee, 

Singing with the heavenly host, 
Glory ! glory ! 

Glory be to God on high ! 




... — . 

fC*i N 


.. .. ■ \ 



<7 ' ' 

ft. * 

- ^ . 



The Presbyterian, 


Home and Fireside. 




3 fr 


\ v 


* -r" 

Awake, O North! arise, O South! 

Together lift the voice : 
Ye East and West ! with turjeful mouth 
Before the Lord rejoice! 

Lift up the golden gates ! The King y 
The King of glory comes! 

His sons and daughters from afir 

Come in a joyful throng, 
L'd heavenward by the Eastern star, 
And siog the angels' song. 

Lift up the golden gates / The King, 
The King of glory comes ! 

The holy church of God is clad 

In beautiful array, 
And waiting multitudes are glad 
To bail the glorious day. 

Lift up the golden gates ! The King, 
The King of glory comes ! 

b j.osbm Ifvnp P9u«i&« aq ua'q* T!" *P"«* *H 

( >bj i.usi }Bqx » ' 3t P* °1 P* 3X * J ** p3Stl " '• in ° n 
mmpanaoD pidnjs aq} jsao paj/zad aqs ***P 3a0 
'pa^SB aq „<[ A>f jo qimoj am si XqM <.iaqioH „ 

•aao m iqSnBO aq O} saaddeq cqM jqSiM &sapp n I 
aqj sb qonoi sb sXcfaa auo oa 'saumatuos 'qoiqM '8[ibj 
-lid 3AUBan3y }nq i iiftfoi pjaosjad op o> iCp^q paB 
<s*u8 jo qsruq Aq uapptq 'snejlid i*»«I a * 3lu ' ou 
op 1 'ssjnoa jo 'mo N -pps Xisnoi83i83 saApsraaqv. 
punoj BflOJ uMOif aqi jo auios naq* iqS.pp uaa^r r; 
b ^001 u 3 a 3 aq <ab N -oo; < SI i S paB-ojm a iq um||^t 
n, s£a&r#n ".""'"d. > .9in J .Q,T.sBM ii)9naD ieaif r sii 1 . - 

:i s 






■r \ 


The Presbyterian, 

* * 

Home and Firside. ^ir 



V ^ 


fir- «? **1 

2^ -u 








where is God my Maker, 

Who giveth songs at night? 
May I become partaken 

Of pardon, peace, and light. 
Among his many mansions 
Is there a place for me ? 

1 seek, but do not find him ; 

I cry, He makes no sgn: 
O will He cast behind him 
A helpless soul like mine ? 

Among his many mansions 
Is there a place for me ? 

'Twas of his wise decreeing, 
In his own chosen hour, 
He gave my soul its being, 

The breathing of his power. 
Among his many mansions 
Is there a place for me? 

% •* 





Is He in far-off regions 
On his mijestic seat, 

mJtnSK .M^d >, „'9omaa 
] raj.,, „ wnrfnjd,, (( ^ S3 ao H „ ,/wtoj,, p3pqEI 

wpod s.iajaj ai P ub 'panoi qj JS 3q; 3pBra Bdp M 

( -»dpa»i8 jaoi ns , no A -jqSu an noA" 'aaja^ „ 

«.<! MB* 





:fr ; 




• yo 3AB 3I noX sb pm, aaiBs 'Smuiom aqj m q, IM u 
r oj auo 'panoi q, J9 « juba nok j.aop 'BuipuBiQ „ 

L_ ,,'noXaaAo 

a«»j jo jaqmBqo jnjijnwq qnjtjriBaq 'aSnj * jm 

3*3 IB* no* P ub jaqSiq pnnoi b oS oj jubm no* pau 

"" I0M Q PaB P 3J !i -«"P *>is oj jub* j.nop no/ jnq <jm